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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Ride Home

On the way home this particular peacock came out of the dry creek bed to graze.
Sitting on a bench looking up I thought a deer, with all the crunching sounds of dead leaves.

To my delight it was of course a huge surprise.
No backyard bird like this one at home.

Sassy perhaps a bit bossy, doing a strut along the walkway later that evening.

On the highway in route homeward, this was another bizarre moment.

Coming home from a very hot desert, this is what I see.
It seemed to be a commercial farm which sell their flowers to nurserys.
Rows and rows of all colors, no sun, overcast, and damp.
But it didn't matter, I was there.

Back to desert life I spotted a lizard coming out of a unused campfire ring.
He was not in a hurry, eating his way across the desert slowly he went.
I thought he had a lot of personality and gusto!

The parrot was in a large cage on one of our stops home.
He seemed to be very nurtured, and happy.
After viewing my photos at home, it appeared like he was smiling.
I can't believe it came out because I took photographs through the wire cage.

His fluffy soft yellow head was vivid.
He was squacking a lot.
But so do I.
Somethimes you always get what you need.

I have never seen a rabbit  STRETCH before!

Have you?

Many rabbits were making their appearance.
Cats and dogs stretch, I was baffled by the morning stretching.
If the light had been a bit better, I could of got more detail.
No complaints here, it was wonderful.
He made my day.


Chatty Crone said...

I want to drive home with you - those are the prettiest pictures ever. sandie

TexWisGirl said...

that rabbit almost looks like he was run over! and WOW did you get the color! peacock, gorgeous field of blooms, parrot. wow!!!

Ellie said...

Oh these are great pictures - all of that colour. The wonderful blue of the peacock and then that gorgeous field of flowers - what a sight that must have been and then the lovely yellow of the parrot. Wonderful shots.
And no, I've never seen a rabbit stretch before - he looks deformed.

PKB said...

ALL of your travel images are awesome! I especially love the field of flowers and the peacock images. If I could fave them I would but this is not Flickr. I hope that you are doing well, Jane.

Sandra said...

the most exciting trip. strange rabbit for sure. the parrot looks like he is loved and cared for. the field of flowers is amazing and i would love to see one like it. my favorite is the lizard. wow

Oakland Daily Photo said...

So much iridescent color in these photos. They glow.

Giga said...

Powrót do domu był bardzo udany fotograficznie. Śliczne zdjęcia, a kwiatowe pole jest cudowne. Pozdrawiam.
Coming home was very successful photographs. Cute picture, and flower box is wonderful. Yours.

Coneflower Ranch said...

Love the peacock photos! What an incredible moment captured! Mr. Lizard looks like he's smiling at you as well. You've had some wonderful trips this year! :-)

carmen said...

Preciosas fotos, los animales salieron muy bien muy graciosos, jejeje