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Friday, November 4, 2011

Not My Cat

Sometimes I can take a photo of my husbands cat.

Somali Breed

which apparently have a lot of interesting characteristics.

He only cares about one person in the house, and it isn't me.
However he does notice when I am gone for a few days.
I love cats, had a few in my life.
My last one died about ten years ago, it was devastating for me.
I do like orange cats, even if we don't see eye to eye.
He usually steers clear of me, and I have not given him reason to do so.
He could be spoiled?
Gee do people really spoil their cats?


Breathtaking said...

Hi Janie
This is a beautiful orange gato,so well photograghed.I adire cats more
than I am able to love them in the same way I love dogs.Having said that, I have had a couple of
extreemly affectionate black cats
in my life,but I think they thought
they were dogs!!!:)I photograph them all the time however, because
of their feline beauty.

I'm pleeased you are on the mend.x

Jill said...

What a beauty! Trying to type this isn't easy as my very large orange cat is laying on top of my right arm. :)

Hope your healing well. So good to hear from you.

Eaton Bennett said...

Gorgeous cat that doesn't belong to you...and a happy little poser too. :))

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I am allergic to cats, but I think he is BEAUTIFUL! sandie

TexWisGirl said...

he's beautiful! but he is giving you the stink-eye or the 'what-for' look. :)

Sandra said...

he is gorgeous! i love orange tabbies and he is a beautiful one. so he allows you to share your home with him and hubby. that is a cat for you.

Sharon said...

Orange tabbies are my favorites! Not your cat is simply gorgeous!

Inger said...

What a gorgeous photo of a stunning looking cat. I love them too, my last one died five years ago and I miss him. I love orange cats, but I never had one.

SweetMarie said...

He's definitely giving a look! He looks like a healthy cat! Have a great weekend and hope you're recovering well. :)

SquirrelQueen said...

The big orange kitty is a beauty that seems to have a little attitude.

I used to have a Ragdoll cat that was like the Somali breed. They attach themselves to one person (me in our house) and ignore everyone else.

michiko said...

A beautiful cat but he is not yours,
but when you stayed home for all the time maybe became friendly with him?
That is easy for you isn't it?
give to him a good yummy treat:-)
hope your healing well.

Ms. Becky said...

okay. it couldn't be more clear...that he's adorable!!! you know I do love orange kitties. so he's a Somali breed? hmmmm. whatever, he's beautiful. oh gosh, that look in his eye is priceless. I think he's eying that husband of yours while you snap the photo...
happy day to you Jane. hope your foot is healing...

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

We have an orange tabby that's one of our outdoor cats and she's a sweetie! Some cats just are all that friendly. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello yesterday, Janie. I do appreciate it! :)

Pierre BOYER said...

Great cat !


Catherine said...

This kitty is beautiful! Wonderful photo!
Happy weekend - Catherine

Kathy said...

I think it might be easy to spoil this guy. He is very handsome.