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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Feeding their Faces

I wish people would stop feeding wild animals. 
Why do the peanuts, crackers, bread, pretzels all have to come out of the vehicle?
Generally animals can find their own food, done so for years.
No doubt you will see the results of extra food additives for this chubby prairie dog

I do think it is OK to feed the birds that come in my backyard.
Is this wrong?

People and animals are eating differently now.
They want comfort foods for winter.
Do we feel more hungry in the colder months?
I think so.


Ellie said...

Oh he is a chubby wee guy isn't he - but looks very cute.

Breathtaking said...

Hi Janie
This little chap is certainly rotund.Good shot.

I feed the birds,sguirrels and
hedgehogs, and because of this they are frequent visiters to my garden.

Asta said...

You are so right. I´we also seen these fat little animals in most peculiar places every now and then. It might be cute, but it´s not all right.
Warm greetings.

Ann Nichols said...

Great post!! If a picture says a thousand words... this one says 2000 at least!

Jill said...

He is adorable! Lovely capture.

Sandra said...

unfortunate for me, this has already HAPPENED to me, my whole life. i just wish my fat looked as adorable as HIS

he is so darn cute i want to hug him. great shot. and i don't think wild animals should be fed if they live in the wild and that includes birds.

TexWisGirl said...

LOL! he/she IS rather large! but cute as can be!

Sharon said...

Aw... your little friend is adorable, but I agree, he shouldn't be so fat, not what nature intended. Of course, I have missed the train as far as staying slim and svelt myself...

SweetMarie said...

That Prairie Dog is adorable!
I love food and I do tend to cook and eat more in the winter months and around the holidays.
This is why I need to start following an exercise routine!

Ms. Becky said...

she looks as though she's eating some greens. I agree with you about the feeding of wild animals. people do that at zoos where it's acceptable to feed the animals specific foods, and I guess maybe they think then that it's alright to do the same with the critters in their natural environment. and some probably do it to engage the animal so they can snap a photo or two. she is adorable - so humble looking sitting there nibbling. I really like prairie dogs. I don't think feeding birds is the same - you're giving them their natural diet and they aren't being tamed in the process. there's a difference. they come, feed, and fly away. happy day to you Jane.

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Nice capture of this little but chubby fellow. I agree. I don't believe in feeding wildlife, as it can be dangerous for them to get too familiar with us humans. I hate when people throw things out their vehicle windows while driving also. Littering kills animals as they end up on the road trying to eat our trash. People aught to think and be more responsible. I don't see anything wrong with feeding the birds in the winter months. I is an act of kindness that doesn't hurt them or us. Many people buy corn and feed it to the ducks that remain here for the winter for various reasons, and I think that is good also, as I have seen them all huddled in a little open area of water along the Bay in the cold of winter. I also heard that bread which is made of yeast can be harmful to birds, as it is not nourishes for them and it fills their tummys so they are not hungry and their for don't eat what they should be eating. Just a few of my thoughts on the subject for what it is worth.
Hope you are doing well Janie :)

Chatty Crone said...

Sure is a cute picture! sandie

Gerry said...

His tummy looks kind of like mine!

Samantha said...

When you think of the miles and miles of useless suburban yards..where are the birds supposed to eat in their *natural* habitat?
Planting food source landscaping has gotten more popular, but certainly not enough to sustain the bird population.

michiko said...

Chubby fellow that I loved very much to look at him.
I can tell you this is a true story in here the last years.
Kookaburra bird has over weight xxxKg at the little park.
What happent was the fish and chips shop at near by the park.
people feed Kookaburra and the bird has became pets for the people who vists in the park.
But one day an animal hospital people has weights her and it was over weight and he was at hospital for diet.

You take care,

Misty said...

lol. He's so chubby!

Lisa RedWillow said...

He is fantastic. I have to be honest I havent seen one this close up. You could win a contest with this.
I do think we as humans eat more in the winter .Hmm . Not sure why but my guess is we need more flue to stay warm and it tastes so good. I love backing bread in winter and buns.
Keep warm , Heal.