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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yogurt Done

My first attempt of homemade yogurt was fun and rewarding.
The tasting test was this morning.
I found that three of the jars were never did firm up like the others.

Originally I thought I would brew it for 4 hours, but it ended up to be ten hours.
Because I used non-fat milk, I felt it needed to be in there longer.
Next time I am going to try for seven to eight hours in the maker.
I have been told the longer it is in there, the tangier it could taste.

I am feeling very encouraged for my first try.
I may of driven my husband nuts yesterday with yogurt chat.
This is definitely a project I never imagined myself doing.
I would highly suggest it for others to try.
It isn't a lot of work once you get the knack of it.
Next time I will add two tablespoons of honey instead of one.
I believe I mixed it a bit too much, and will buy a better thermometer.
Is the tall lid that came in addition to the shorter one that I mentioned in yesterdays post. This is great for making large portions at a time. I will search for larger jars when I am ready to make a bigger batch.
One thought I had was make large one with WHOLE milk for others.
Then put the small jars in there with non fat starter and do it all at once.


texwisgirl said...

glad it turned out okay - for your first attempt! i can see all sorts of experiments in the future... :)

Sandra said...

all that yummy food PLUS a really pretty container to put it in. yumm

Lisa RedWillow said...

I have never heard of this or seen it before . How very very intersting Janie.

Colleen said...

A friend of mine just told me tonight she makes tons of yogurt in her crockpot! Of course, I didn't write anything down on how she does it. lol I'm glad your first attempt went pretty well! I'm sure once you make several batches, it'll get easier. :)