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Thursday, April 7, 2011


There's a cold front coming where I live which doesn't mean snow, maybe frost.
We were having that spring weather and now I am cold again.
Tonight out comes the covers for my plants outside.
This brings back my exciting snow weekend in Arnold, California.

The barn above is located in Murphy, California.
The little town that celebrates "Gold Rush Days" in March.
My two girlfriends and I took a walk around this town recently on that weekend,
(see previous posts for all the snow, and how we enjoyed our time away).

This barn stopped me in my tracks.
Only because I happen to love barns.
Sometimes they appear to have that lonely look.
The desolate place where ever they stand have stories.
To me they are forgiving, inviting, and filled with mystery.
Wish I were there now.

The day we left the cabin it was snowing and windy.
Here we were three women in a car driving home, we didn't want to leave.
Kate was driving, she invited us to her cabin for the weekend.
(see previous blog on snow weekend)
We didn't stop because of the unsettled weather, trees down, the road, other cars making their way homeward on that Sunday.
Annie and I had our eyes peeled, looking at everything out the windows.
It was never dull.
It was even exciting when the windshield wipers stopped.
I suggested we could use string like I heard that my family did one time.
We were laughing again like teenagers on the run.
The wipers repaired themselves.
I am still not over this weekend...


texwisgirl said...

oh you should link this into "Barn Charm" at Bluff Area Daily. It's a beauty!!!

Gerry said...

Very nice pic!

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Love how you composed this photo of the barn, and the surrounding landscape. Many of my fondest childhood memories are those spent in my grandparents barns, with all the animals. They always knew where to find me. I am sure that is one reason why I am such an animal lover to this day. If I knew someone who owned a farm, I still would make a point of spending time there. I miss that, as I now live in a small city. I am really a country gal at heart. :)
Thanks for sharing this photo, and for the memories it brought back.
Hope all is well with you Janie.
Dianne :)

Canyon Girl said...

That is a beautiful barn and a great photo. Thanks for deciding to follow my blog.--Inger

Canyon Girl said...

P.S I tried to signed up to follow your blog but I don't know if it worked. My computer is on satellite and not fast sometimes. Will be back to make sure.--Inger

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

When I see barns like this, my thoughts turn to what treasures ("junk" to some) might lie inside. An old bicycle? Or better yet, an old motorcycle just waiting to be brought back to life. These are known as "barn finds". That is really a great photo that would look nice framed and hung on a wall.

Lela said...

Very nice...

Ich kann nicht so gut englisch schreiben...


Janie said...

Old barns attract me, too. It's hard to say why. Yours is certainly a beauty in a lovely setting.

Janie2 said...

Gee thanks everyone!

What is the Barn Charm at Bluff Area Daily?

Dianne: I knew you were a country gal!

Lela: You do very well with English. Better than my German!

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Hello Janie,
you show us some great pictures here from the old barn. I like them too:)
Beautiful flowers from your garden I can see, and I would love to see more from your garden Janie.
Thanks for your nice comments in my blog. I appreciate it very much:)
Wish you a happy spring weekend:)
Greetings from,

kate condit zack said...

The images and the words tug at my heart Jane..I re-lived our adventure, telling our tale to my dear sister. She smiled as I recounted our moments of laughter and sisterhood..I too, am so looking forward to our next journey.