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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


January 2007

I took this photo three years ago in the backyard at my sons home.
My two grandsons.
Miles was four and Gavin two years old in 2007.
At the time I had this new photo program that allowed me to apply hats.
It continues to be a standing joke in my family.
"Yes, mom but are you going to add hats to the animals and kids"?
I thought it was fun to do and I loved choosing the hats for the boys.
Since that time I don't do hats anymore.
I have the original photo of the boys with no hats.
At that time I use to watch both boys every Tuesday.
We played in the water, sand, had picnics, went places, read, did crafts.
I will always treasure those days with the boys.
I see them more often now because we moved a year ago.
I enjoy being a grandmother, love spending time with them.


Lisa said...

This is just priceless. I hope you sent this off to a photo contest. I love it and see why the family would love it so.
Wonderful creative photogrpahy.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...


aneri_masi said...

This is such a sweet picture :)

zeder said...

A very nice photo and "grandma" is a iportantly job.
Regards from Berlin,

JANE E KIRN said...

Lisa, Sinbad, aneri_ masi and zeder, thanks for your wonderful comments. Children are great photo subjects.

Light-In-A-Box said...

I would have never known you added the hats, I must be blind or daft, very neat & cute Jane...
Michael :-)