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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Humpty Dumpty

Caper Acres Park
Brothers at play

My two grandsons love this park in Chico, California.
It is a nostalgic place for many that visit or play.
Normally the boys are crawling all over this egg on the wall.
Arriving later afternoon we saw more people than usual.
Below the egg on the wall is a sand play area,
Which is being used by several kids, and a few adults.

This means they could not do the "jump"!

They like to fall off the back side to get me all worked up, or below Humpty for photo shoots.
Although they may appear with sad faces, they are not.
I was randomly taking photos, deciding upon this one to post.

I love Humpty Dumpty, the story and now this worn out egg on the wall.
Guessing I am not too sure how many parents ever read nursery rhymes to their children in today's world?
Maybe there is no time, and people are moving too fast to notice?


TexWisGirl said...

i think it's a great shot! love the serious look on the grandson on the left. you can see the man he's going to be one day.

Stefanie Rabenschlag said...

Good morning! 6 am in central Europe... my little son prefered to rise one hour ago - lovely time for a Sunday morning, isn't it?

Nancy Claeys said...

Mr. Humpty looks like he's been around to play with many young ones. Very cute shot, Janie.