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Friday, May 18, 2012

Why I love Sonoma County


Their vineyard is a 4 minute drive,  I love it.
I never noticed Kunde's planting the poppy's between the grapes vines in the past.
Believe me everyone stops here off hwy 12 to photograph.

Rows and rows of poppy's, what more could I ask for?

Sparrows that frequent my birdbath.

Could I ask for more?


This poor little lady.
She had 3 eggs in a nest I could see out a window.
They hatched, she was ever so attentive, with her mate.
One morning I look to see three babies are GONE!

There was a fox on our deck last night, I am not blaming him, but oh gee.
I know the Towhee's jump out of the nest first, but these were way too little to jump.
Seeing no struggle with the nest in place, I can only imagine.
So the Towhee continues to live in our yard.
It is natures way, and she must know it.


They frequent the ground feed, and love to stand on the big rocks.
This photograph was taken with the Quail on my roof, and THROUGH a window!
Their colors are so vibrant in the evenings as the sun goes down.

I don't think it gets any better for me sitting outside in evenings with this entertainment.


TexWisGirl said...

first of all, that winery shot is gorgeous!

i wonder if a snake got those baby towhees. we've had trouble w/ snakes getting into bird houses.

LOVE the quail! such a beauty!

(and enjoy your free week!) :)

Ellie said...

Your pictures are all wonderful. The vineyard is beautiful with all of those poppy's. A lovely stretch of colour.
Oh those poor baby towhee's what a shame and their poor mum - nature can be quite cruel can't it?
Your quail is so good looking. You certainly have some beautiful things to take pictures of. Beats sitting in front of the telly!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend :))

Words Of Deliciousness said...

I love visiting your blog, your pictures are always so incredible!
I feel bad for the Towhee.

Chatty Crone said...

You can ask for nothing more - you have it all there - so much beauty!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Sonoma IS indeed a lovely little paradise.

Michiko Johnson said...

It was a vineyard just love for me,
How I can watch with two birds.

It is natures way and she must know it so the towhee continues to live in our yard.

This photograph was taken with the Quail on your foot.
Outside in evenings with this entertainment.
I love to enjoy so much...

Breathtaking said...

Great entertainment for you to have
these creatures in your garden, and
great viewing for us.

It's a shame about the Towee's, but
you're right, Nature knows what it's doing!!

Good capture of the Quail.

Sandra said...

flowers and fowl, nothing could be better. so beautiful

PKB said...

We do live in God's Country, that is for sure! Great point of view on the poppy field and such lovely little birds!

Remi said...

Great pictures of birds Jane.

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