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Monday, March 19, 2012

Three Women in Snow

Before the storm.
We really wanted it to snow.
This is the driveway going down to the road away from the cabin.

Arriving on Thursday, we had snow by Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Same driveway only with a foot of snow on it.
Kate drove us down, it was so fun.

Kate and I at Bear Mountain in the great white cold stuff...

This is our second year going to Murphy, California for the St. Patrick celebration.
We wore our bling.
Had great wine, and food, laughing all the way...

Annie and I braving the cold on Bear Mountain.
In the future we may need more than hats and umbrellas.

Kate and Annie stand on the main street in Murphy.
I had never seen snow on umbrellas before.

This is the deck off front of the house at the cabin.
We expected rain, then suddenly it was snow.

To our delight the snow fell.
We didn't care if it was not as much as last year.
I could look at snow covered trees all day, they are incredible.


TexWisGirl said...

wow, that's beautiful! what fun!

and, janie, you are one of the most beautiful women in blogland... hands down...

Diana Cooper said...

Wonderful pictures. Living in Florida, I miss the snow.

Sharon said...

That's a bunch of snow, very pretty, it looks like it would be good for making a snowman or snow woman!

Nancy Claeys said...

Very cute photos of you and your friends, Janie. Beautiful snow!

Sandra said...

these are awesome shots. i like that last one of the deck with the snow on it. you all look so happy and full of joy.

Breathtaking said...

Great pictures of you enjoying the snow.

Elly said...

Very nice snow pictures. I can imaging you loved it there.
Gr. Elly

PKB said...

It looks like loads of fun, Jane. It is always great to reconnect with girl friends. :-)

psychelyn said...

"Girls just wanna have fun" (it's a song :)

Pictures of course are great as usual. I like when snow gets really thick. It makes a place look like a wonderland.

Angela said...

How beautiful!! While I am so glad we're having above average spring temps here, I do love looking at the snow! :-)

Ms. Becky said...

I couldn't leave without commenting on these snow pics! Love the one of you and Kate at Bear Mountain. how fun - a girlfriend snow break. what beauty. love the snow. that's more than we had here all winter long. now the trees are flowering, all bulb flowers blooming, lilac bushes leafed out. forecast high for today: 86.
way way way too hot for me!

kate condit zack said...

Those days with my girls are tethered right here in my heart.

Thank you Jane. These images capture just how beautiful the simple bits of our lives can be.