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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My largest fish in the aquarium died while I was away.
Poor Keyhole.
My husband emailed me the day I was coming home to break the news to me.
Keyhole was the oldest fish in my tank, I had him for two years.

I had a feeling before leaving, he was not his self, not doing his usual.
He has always been coy,  a loner, his color was darker, he was hiding more.
I was glad to have the advanced notice.
I will have a little memorial for him with my grandsons.
I told the boys yesterday about Keyhole.
It was their idea to have a funeral for him.

Most likely I would like to get another Keyhole.
I will clean out the entire tank, including the bottom filter system first.
This will be a huge project.


forgetmenot said...

So sorry about your fish, Keyhole. How sweet of your Grandsons to want to have a funeral for him. Good luck on your "project" of cleaning out the tank. I haven't had an aquarium for years but I remember what a "pain" it was to clean. Mickie :)

TexWisGirl said...

awww. sorry that he had to leave.

psychelyn said...

Oh I'm sorry about Keyhole.

Shirley Wells said...

So sorry to hear this. Lovely to have a memorial for him though. RIP, Keyhole. :(

Sandra said...

sorry to hear this, he was beautiful, as is this photo of him. my fish and other pets were buried under the oak tree out on the back lot of the church my dad was pastor of. he did quite a few little pet funerals.

PKB said...

It is hard to lose such a beautiful fish after so long.

Breathtaking said...

It's sad to lose a pet of any kind,
so sorry you lost one of yours.

Ms. Becky said...

oh he's beautiful. so sorry he's no longer swimming around your tank. gosh darn it, why do our loved ones leave us? I had a sick kitty a few days ago and while sitting in the little room at the vet's, awaiting the verdict, I found myself thinking "I could have loved her better".
luckily for both of us the diagnosis was not what the vet had prepared me for, (only an infection), but the scare was a gift for me - I love her better and best and for that I'm thankful. I don't like attachments and try to avoid them, but occasionally someone/thing sneaks into my heart. I think the idea of a service for Keyhole is beautiful. And I look forward to meeting your new Keyhole when the time comes. happy day to you Jane.

Light-In-A-Box said...

Hello Janie, sorry about your loss, we too lost our oldest fish just last month, he was with us a long time. Hope everything else is okay.. Take care.

Asta said...

So sad, but the photo is very nice though.
My best greetings.