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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Catching Up

January 1st, 2012

Yes I did...
Went to the lap pool and hot tub for the New Year start.
Not necessarily a resolution but a way of life.
Kicking did not bother my foot.
 I lost a lot of my ability to swim laps not doing anything for the past two months.

Yesterday and Today
January 3rd and 4th

Our two grandsons staying with us.
To help our son and daughter in law with school being out.
We have been quite busy.
Yesterday out to breakfast, then to get my oil changed.
The shop owner said he has never seen such great kids WAIT for a car to be serviced.
They always get those compliments out in public.
They even order their own food with yes please, no thank you.
We hit the polo field so they could really BLAST golf balls as hard as they wanted to hit.

Proud Gavin (6) on the left got in tree his first time on Christmas Day with his dad's help.
Miles on right (8)  goes up the redwood all the time.
Our prior house has many redwoods that they did NOT climb.
Our current home has one GIANT redwood, and of course they love it.

So I guess we are going back to the polo field now.
They will go home late afternoon today...


Jill said...

That pool looks so inviting I just want to dive right it. Good for you for getting back to it. I'm so happy your foot did not hurt doing it!

Your grandsons are just adorbale boys. They must have really good parents and grandparents! :)

Ellie said...

Mmmm that looks like a nice pool, glad you enjoyed your swim with no sore foot.
Your grandsons sound like lovely little boys, they look cute as well.
Sounds as if you all enjoyed your visit.

Sandra said...

not easy to find good kids these days and yours are beautiful too. a great combo, nice to look at and nice to be around. the pool looks great from here, glad you are back in the swim of things

TexWisGirl said...

such cute little tow-heads! :)

i love the sweet southern belle on your sidebar, too! what a beauty she is!

Ms. Becky said...

what champs! they are handsome little men to be sure. I'm happy that you posted a shot of them - they have great smiles. Polite children are a rarity I believe, but it doesn't surprise me that your grandkids would fall in that category. not at all. happy day to you Janie. glad you made it to the pool too! cheers!

♥ Lisa RedWillow said...

oh they are so sweet and cute up in the trees. Good for you all getting out.
Its really icy here and I do not go out alone right now. I m so scared to drive on the ice since my accident.

Janie said...

Actually my foot is not pain free yet.
The bunion part is repaired, pain not there.
It is the swelling and movement in toe from screw Dr. put in place.
I can't walk long periods, being on my feet enhances the swelling issue by the end of the day.
Could take up to a year…
Trying to be hopeful it will heal properly.

PKB said...

Glad you are back in the pool, and your grandsons are adorable!

SweetMarie said...

You look very lovely in this new pic.
My son is a swimmer. He made the varsity team his freshman year in high school. I need to swim more. We have two pools down by the lake and I rarely visit them.
Especially since the doc told me to stay out of the sun. :(
Your grandsons are very handsome. What wonderful manners they have. I know you're very proud and you should be. I still get compliments on my son and it feels so good for people to actually point it out. He will not let a lady open a door. When he runs to get a door for someone they look so suprised.
Enjoy the pool and the hot tub!

forgetmenot said...

With a name like Sunflower Snaps I just had to check out your blog. I'm a Kansan and the Sunflower is our state flower. Those are 2 cute boys! I'll check back again. Mickie :)

BragonDorn said...

This is such a beautiful sight! :)

Here I Am Carrie Carrie said...

Way to get back into the swim of things. Oh I would love to go swimming everyday without driving an hour to get there. What a thrill for the boy to climb the tree. A tree like that I would have continued climbing as a kid right to the top. I can remember being so high the top would sway back and forth. The view was always amazing. Funny how fears in life slowly catch up with us so that thoughts of doing those crazy wonderful things just disappear. Well I did try a little sledding the other day on m own. Just trying to get a track made. I was so sore after that. But if I did it everyday it would be so bad. Just being so bundled up and trying to get up and down from the sled. Well have a wonderful rest of winter if I don't make it by again. Just haven't had much time for visiting or blogging. Hugs Carrie