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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Fish Tales

Exploring My Fish Tank

I received a new lens from my husband for Christmas.
One that I wanted for a year or so.

Meet Rubbernose...
the scientific name for him is Pleco.
He looks odd, but I adore watching this fish among the others in my 25 gallon tank.
I thought I'd feature two or three different fish each day so you can see all the varieties I enjoy.
Rubbernose eats mainly the algae on the glass.
He is more of a bottom feeder, but yes he swims.
However you will see photo below of him eating "Sinking Wafers".
I call the wafers "cookies".

Isn't he cute?
He has some freckles, and beady black eyes.

Every morning I feed the fish flakes.
He doesn't come to the surface to eat.
The sinking wafers or cookies are dropped in, they sink to the rocks.
If you look close you can see him trying to open his mouth to get a WHOLE one in.
He gnaws on on the wafers.

Above is another character in my tank.
they are loaches, and they look like eels.
Beady black eyes, with whiskers.
He eats the flake food, and he likes the wafers too.
This guy is funny as he lays his long body across the greens in the tank.
My grandsons love watching him swim.

All the fish were eyeing me last night.
They are more active in the evenings, but seemed to be parading back and forth more so.

He is the biggest and the oldest guy in my tank.
Shy in the day, sleeps late in the mornings.
Last night he was in rare form.
He got right up to the glass front and wanted all of the attention so it seemed.

People think fish have no personality.
Most of them really do, they get use to a routines, and are amazing to watch.

To be continued with more fish tails tomorrow...


TexWisGirl said...

i used to have a fish tank as a kid. a lot of maintenance (could never get sunlight right) but it was fascinating! and very relaxing to watch! these are beautiful shots! congrats on your new lens!!!

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't know that fish had a little personality and a routine - very interesting. sandie

Jill said...

These are wonderful!

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Hi Janie, I enjoyed your post as you introduced some of the fish in your tank. Just looking at them your can see that they have personality. You captured them very well with your camera. Great shots and nice detail.
Congrats on your new lens. I am interested in knowing which lens you got. Either way... what a great gift.
I hope you are enjoying the holidays, and I wish you a Happy and Healthy New year and lots of great photo opps.
xx's Dianne :)

Colleen said...

What beautiful photos! I just love anything dealing with aquatic life. Your fish are lovely!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

What great photos! That must be some lens you got for Christmas; it is really working for you. What a wonderful husband you have. But why did he make you wait for an entire year?

SweetMarie said...

These are great photos! Fish do have personalities and I didn't know that for a long time. They are really cool to watch.
Congrats on your new lens! It works great!

Magia da Inês said...

Imagens belíssimas!!!

▒♥ Boas Festas!!!
▒♥ Feliz 2012 !!!

lisa said...

Janie, these are wonderful images, and you have some really interesting fish!! So nicely done!

I wish you a very Happy New Year.

PKB said...

Fantastic close-ups;I can see why you love your fish! Thanks so much for your comments, because I really value them. The fireplace image in my blog was shot at Mendocino Inn. We like to sit in front of the fire and have a brandy when we are in the area. BTW what kind of lens did John get you?

Ellie said...

I don't have a fish tank but I think it is very relaxing to watch them. You have quite a few fish in there.

Sandra said...

the photos are fantastic and the fish are beautiful and very interesting. please share what kind of lens you got, it is doing a superb job

Gerry Adams said...

Very nice pictures. Aquariums are very nice and relaxing to look at. I used to have a small saltwater one years ago with seahorses and other things in it. It was fun to look at but kind of hard to maintain. Maybe I'll get a freshwater tank one day if we ever move to a bigger house so we have room for it.

Farm Girl said...

Those are such beautiful shots, You are just amazing.

Eaton Bennett said...

Gorgeous fishy shots and excellent photography, a pleasure to view.
Happy New Year. :))