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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Foot Progress

 October 12th I had Bunion Surgery.

Nearly 10 weeks ago.
Two and a half months ago seems like ages to me.
As I sit here writing my LONG LONG over due post, I think I have made great progress.
Prior to that I felt it would never heal.

How do I feel at this point in time?
I can walk.
I have been driving for two weeks.
NOT DRIVING FOR TWO MONTHS was the MOST difficult for me to accept.

December 2nd I went to doctor for more ex-rays, he told me the bone is fusing together nicely with the screw in place. Then he adds the next two weeks could be challenging to walk without that BOOT. Because the boot was totally FLAT on the bottom with no flex when walking. Meaning I have to bend the foot and the toe!
 I can wear shoes now, but found only ONE in my closet that I can comfortable tolerate.

Which shoes can Jane wear now?

 I continue the exercises of bending the big toe for more flexibility.
Doing this early on helped me be where I am today with walking.

Doctor has been upfront with me all along.
There will be swelling for SEVERAL months. 


Apply ice, and then heat for swelling or pain relief.
The pain is nothing like those first couple of weeks.
Everyone heals differently as we all know.
Some people require a shot at this point in time to walk.
I did not think this was necessary for myself.

The swelling evolves by the later part of mid day.
This is the only thing that seems to be painful, unless I put on a binding shoe.

There is hope!

is all behind me now...

Remember that I seem to be procrastinating on my blogging.
When I look at it and the people that I follow daily.
Be patient, I am not giving up on myself...


TexWisGirl said...

how awesome! your foot looks great! so glad you've got some freedome again!!!

Sharon said...

Your foot looks really great, I'm glad that the worst is over and you can drive now!

Sandra said...

a drastic improvement since the last photo of your foot. and the before and now pics don't even look like the same foot. wow and so happy you can drive and walk. we will be waiting.

Jill said...

Woohoo! Your foot look terrific! So glad to hear from you. I'm missed you.

Antonio Machado said...

Olá Janie,
desejo a sua plena recuperação e um ano de 2012 cheio de alegrias, saúde e sucesso!

Ellie said...

Yay your foot looks fantastic. I bet you are glad you got it done, you have done so well.
Ten and a half weeks - has it really been that long. Doesn't time fly.
So nice to hear from you. Take care.

Ms. Becky said...

the foot looks like it's coming along really fine. You're doing something right and behaving yourself. so glad it's behind you for the most part and it does seem like a long time ago too. I love love love that selfie. you are BEAUTIFUL! man, have you got the eyes. take good care now. {{{hugs}}}

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

That's great news, Janie.
Your poor pre-surgery foot looks so painful. Amazing before and after shots.
You'll be running with the wind in no time.. if you're not already!

PKB said...

What a difficult journey you have been on! It is nice to know that your recovery coincides with the holidays. Hang in there my friend. :-)

Becky said...

Your foot looks wonderful! All you need is some splashy Christmas toe paint! Is a holiday pedicure in your future?

Chatty Crone said...

Wow your doc did a great job - your foot looks awesome. sandie

Here I Am Carrie Carrie said...

Wow what an amazing difference with you foot. Glad to hear it is progressing nicely. Yes you must feel like a new women after dealing with that.