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Sunday, September 4, 2011


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One of those quiet mornings when the overcast burns off, the sun appears.
Sitting outside early with coffee.
I find the most curious things that I could stalk for hours.
Summer is coming to an end, missing it already.

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Seeds, pods, puffy whites of the dandelion.
The seeds are like atomic explosions. 
Always loved getting eye to eye to see them up close.
Back way then, and now too.

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The soft gentle long ears of Mr. Rabbi Foo Foo that makes his entrance twice a day.
He is eating more now, due to the change of season.
Animals always tell us when to think of letting go of summer.
My grandson was with me last night, he saw his first skunk in this same location.
It was thrilling for the six year old who asked a lot of questions about the "stink" of a skunk.

I am done watching my two grandsons.
The past six days was an adventure for me.
From the eight year old getting stuck up in a big tree,
to his younger brother fearing the skunk would chase him.

The pay off for me is their smiling faces, warm hugs, and asking when I will return.
I only live five miles down the road from them!
We all know that when children get older they often times become too busy for grandparents.
I hope this is not going to be the case for me.
But if it is I will understand and treasure the times spent with them.
I am grateful for my grandsons.


TexWisGirl said...

how sweet! love the photos! that bee is so incredibly bright! lovely!

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Sunday Morning. Love all the things you captured through your lens. My favorite is those two cute little guys laying on the sofa. You made some precious memories indeed this past week with your grandsons. I am sure they will remember these days, and will find some time for you when they are older.
Have a great week Janie.
Dianne :)

michiko said...

You are lucky ones that enjoyed both way which is you can take your photos a beautiful Sunflower with sweet bee,
and around with your grandchild:-)
Have a wonderful week ahead,

Sandra said...

awesome bee and I love that bunny eye shot. super sharp dandelion also

Jill said...

Super shots! Really love the one of your grandsons!

Janie2 said...

You all are the best!
Thank you it is good to see the encouraging comments.
BEE and dandelion were taken with the new 105 mm Vibration Reduction Nikon Lense. What a beauty of a lense. I am so grateful. I treat it with tender care. The RABBIT was taken with the 70-200mm vibration reduction lense. My GRANDSONS photo was taken with my iphone.
Not as sharp, so did it in old fashion textures.

I adore all of you so much...

Anna said...

Great details you've captured from nature! What fun to enjoy grandchildren. That is a ways off for me, but something to look forward to.

Remi said...

Great pictures .. :)
Wonderful picture of your grandsons ..

petrolin50 said...

Nice pictures of us together. Nice blog. Greetings from afar! Peter.

Catherine said...

It is a blessings and a treasure for both you and your grandchildren to share this time together and make memories. Catherine xo

Kat Sloma said...

Sounds like a wonderful week with your grandsons! I guarantee that if you stay attentive to them, they will stay the same to you. There is just a special relationship there. Lovely photos, I especially love the dandelion. Visiting from CE today!

Karin M. said...

Great images ... perfect pictures...
LG: Karin

A Quiet Corner said...

The macros are great however, your love for you grandsons is seen through your words...:)JP

Unknown said...

Love the photo! Thanks for watching the boys, while I was on an adventure with your "big" boy!

Tammy said...

Your bee is wonderful. Love the colors.

Genie said...

What a fascinating series. Loved the shot of the dog...he is beautiful. Then the bugs and the blooms...I always love the combination. But, the photo of the grandsons is just the cutest one and the one that touched my heart. I am called Baga by my 7 grandchildren, and this summer I had my 6 year old ONLY granddaughter for a week at what is know as Camp Baga. By the ned of the week I was dead meat....slept for 2 days. All the other are too old for Camp Baga, and I really miss it even if it is tiring. Know you had the time of your life. Grandchildren are truly gifts from God. genie

lisa said...

These are wonderful photographs Janie, and your grandsons are absolutely precious. Love this photograph of them!

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Sending you wishes for a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

Your photography is wonderful! I love these shots.