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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There are a few followers of my blog that are pretty darn sharp
and you know who you are...

Out there somewhere...
Arrived in Montana today.
What stories I could tell, and might do so.
Gee should I?

This book was suggested by a friend,  trying to study on my down time.
That means in a chair, a view, and maybe some wine in hand.
I do not know much about exposures in photography.
This book is easy to read and informative.
I took this photo with my iPhone.
I seem to be connected to it a bit more than I anticipated.
I do have my Nikon on board too.

Problem is I am working with my Mac Book Pro Laptop on the road.
Use to the table Imac at home.
So if some of the colors are off,
it is "the system" on the road.
Yet I am a little off these days too…

More to come when I can get online to post.


Jill said...

Glad to know all is going well for you. Keep checking in regardless of the little techincal issues. :)

TexWisGirl said...

i feel like i need to take a class on digital photography - even before i try to read a book on more technical stuff.

Sharon said...

Reading doesn't help me much, I believe I could use a class, with someone actually speaking with examples....

Sandra said...

your photos are always beautiful, so i am thinking you don't have all that much to learn. good luck, i have no understanding of exposure, and have read some things on line, that confuse me more. i am more the point and shoot. your cell does a great job

Ms. Becky said...

you must have been reading the thought waves I've been sending you since your last post, because I've been wondering what photography book you were reading while being pestered by that fly! thanks for the response Janie. and yes!!! most definitely tell some stories. I'd love to read them. I hope you're having a blast, but I suspect that you are. be safe, and again, thanks for the book resource.

Light-In-A-Box said...

Janie, looks like a good book to study! There are some awesome photo teachers out there we can learn from.. Speaking of sharp, wow the Iphone does a fairly nice photo!