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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yard Fowl


The poor dirty brown bird.

California Towhee

Rummages around litter and bushy plants and below bird feeders.
The juveniles are DBB to me.
But I do enjoy just watching them move, they are the first to the feeders these days.
Others are coming back.

Here again is the
Eurasian Collared-Dove
Wandering around with his mate.
They fly together, eat together, and yesterday in birdbath together.
I missed the birdbath photo opportunity.
They are not native to our area of course.
I like seeing the red eyes with the dark black pupils.

As I sit on the deck attempting to stalk the hummingbirds,
I look up in the sky to just take it all in...


TexWisGirl said...

love those collared doves! and poor little juvenile birds can be so pitiful looking... :)

Sandra said...

there is so much detail in the first one, beautiful little plain jane/joe bird and I love the pine cones, we can't get any to stay on our trees, the squirrels strip them to nothing every time one comes out and they leave the sharp things on the deck for my feet

Jill said...

So lovely...even though that young one is a bit goofy! ha!!

Sharon said...

DBB, aw.....
Think maybe we have doves like that, not sure, they walk like little boats.
Sure is a beautiful blue sky!
Nice pictures!

Chatty Crone said...

I like the first one with that little gold color on the bottom!

Ms. Becky said...

these are truly beautiful bird shots. John from Sinbad and I introduced us to the California Towhee last week. living in the Midwest I'm unfamiliar with that bird, but he's a cutie to me. happy day to you Janie2. I really like your blog.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Your photos are gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by and following.


Andrew Etchen said...

nice photos. I like the collared dove as well. their feathers look seamless and smooth. looking forward to more amazing pictures.

Here I Am/Carrie said...

That dove is really spreading. We saw one last winter at the Salton Sea where they are not to be found. The birds are scarce at our place right now as their is so much food in the forest so I don't feed them right now. Love when someone stops and just looks up at the sky. Yours was very beautiful.

michiko said...

I have your beautiful Irresistibly
sweet blog Award from TAMAGO.
and I really enjoy shows on my place
thank you!
I with Carrie's totally your photos are beautiful.