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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sorting Photographs

Pleasant Hill, California
July 2010
These hummingbirds were taken at a friends house one year ago...
She loves her backyard birds.

Apparently I have many photographs.
Many are birds.
Looking through the files reminds me of how I need to get them organized.
I have been trying to clean out photos for a few days now.
If I had them sorted my life would be more simple.
I could get on and do what I really want to do with the pictures.

Do you have this situation too?


Anonymous said...

Dear Janie
which for beautiful birds!
so pretty - great photos!!!!
such kind of bird does not give it in Germany!
i like!
Greetings & Hugs Synke

Sandra said...

that last photo is really really good, so cute and all those colors.
i have so many I could never do it with each photo. so i have folders named flowers, then sub folders that say red, pink, yellow and a Misc folder and in that other folders that say Fire, fireplugs, all kinds of things. a reptile folder that has spiders bugs lizards snakes. that is how i keep mine. and i have folder that says Park Day trips in that i have a folder for each park, and every time i go, i dump them in there

Jill said...

These are beautiful! I just love hummers. They always make me smile.

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Yup! My photo files are a bit of a jumbly mess.
Love the pics you posted, Janie. Cute little hummingbird!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Well, look at this way. As you dig through all of your photos you unearth hidden buried treasures that you had forgot that existed. These two pictures are prime examples. Hidden gems they are. Keep on digging through those files girl, no telling what you will find next. And don't forget to share your wealth with us.

TexWisGirl said...

ooh, these are pretty! glad you dug them out of storage for us!

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Oh I so know what you are talking about. I am forever moving photos into different folder and also getting rid of stuff that when viewed much latter I realize I don't like it. Sometime I wish I wouldn't take so many photos as it means spending so much more time trying to keep them organized. Love your hummer. Have fun...

Sailor or Bust said...

Thanks for posting photos of my sweet flying "flowers" of the garden. I was happily watching them dive bomb for feeders again this morning while they protect their nectar stash.

T. Becque said...

Lovely blur on the hummingbird's wings.
"Red Shoes" is good. Thanks for asking :)

Giga said...

Te zdjęcia są śliczne ! Pozdrawiam

Carol............. said...

I cannot seem to shoot birds (LOL) and your shots of them are great....maybe I need more patience or a better camera.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

This redhead really is captivating. Hummingbirds live in or near our yard (I don't know exactly where) but ours have green heads. They like to come and take a shower in the water spray when I'm watering plants. They always make me smile when they're zipping around.