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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Farmers Market

Wondering why I do not frequent the farmer's market more often.
Yesterday I found many things to photograph.
I bought some peaches that were delicious.
I need to support the local growers, because the quality is splendid.

What is not to love about farm fresh zucchini?
I make zucchini bread every couple of weeks.

After being gone all day I sit on the deck outside.
Laptop, drink, peace and quiet.
Someone is is looking at me between the bushes.
Life is grand.

Even the skunks that loiter around at night are OK.


TexWisGirl said...

oh my word!!! beautiful surprise! GORGEOUS shot!!! you made me smile, big time!

Scott said...

I've been away for a couple weeks, but I'm glad for the chance to get back and try to catch up. I see you're keeping busy on your blog.

Looked back over several of your recent posts and enjoyed them. Great colors and variety in today's post. Your bread shots from yesterday make me hungry.

Raul SP said...

Hi, I've loved your photos and inspire me to continue learning in photography and moving ahead in this world that never ends, I encourage you to follow to continue seeing your new entries. just as I invite you to visit mine.

a greeting

From the Kitchen said...

I buy several pounds of that squash every Saturday. We love it roasted in the oven or on the grill. Re the skunk: I'm glad blogs don't have a "smell" button!!


missing moments said...

Happened upon your blog. Think I'll be stoppin in often!
Love that little fawn peeking in at you!

Cassy said...

Wow! Such a bountiful harvest of flowers and vegetables.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Matteo Taffuri said...

Your colours make me happy!
have a nice day

Remi said...

Beautiful pictures.
Photo image of the skunk and deer is wonderful.

♥ Helen said...

So many beautiful colors in your first photo :)

Sandra said...

the squash are beautiful, and that deer makes me so jealous. you can have the skunk, i showed your post to hubby and his first words were can you imagine what the dogs would do if they saw that skunk

Samantha said...

The fawn shot is spectacular!

What Karen Sees said...

What a wonderful post. The colors in the first photo are out of this world, and the beautiful dear is precious. I wish I had more time to visit, I love your photography!!

SweetMarie said...

Beautiful photos! You get very interesting visitors :)