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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Meet Barbara

I use to have mannequins in my home.
They were part of an art festival I use to attend.
Actually I always loved dolls and mannequin's I would see in dress shops.
Mannequin's that use to look like REAL people back in the day.

I purchased Barbara in Petaluma, California, at an antique shop.
Her name came with her when the salesman told me people thought she looked like

Barbara Stanwyck

She had this glare in her eyes, my grandsons were scared of her.
Me too sometimes...

Do you think she has the look of Barbara in her later years?

Meet Christine

I purchased this one from an ad I saw in the newspaper.
Drove up in the hills to an cute looking little cabin surrounded by trees.
The sweet excentric young lady that sold her to me was from Germany.
With her accent she introduced herself as


Therefore the mannequin kept the name Christine.
She was a beauty, with her arms wide open, green eyes, her smile.
and a size six...

No longer do I have the mannequin's in my home.
Sold them about five years ago.
They went to a lady who had a clothing store.
I also had a little girl named "Sally" .
Sweet Sally was about the size of a ten year old with blond braids.
Actually she made the move with me two years ago.
Again my younger grandson did not care for her hanging out in the garage.
 I sold her to a woman in an antique store.
When I am an old woman I can prepare myself for the grandsons to bring up "grandma's mannequin's".


texwisgirl said...

oh, they would TOTALLY creep me out! of course, i don't like doll collections either! :)

Sandra said...

the cat is gorgeous. I never liked mannequins but loved dolls until i was about 20.
in the mid 80's i worked for Sears in the display dept and dressed all the mannequins. back then it was fun, we had some really cool mannequins and i got to change them out often. one of my most liked and fun jobs. my friend and i went in before the store opened and laughed ourselves silly while doing the displays. these brought back fond memories. I must say i never took one home.

Sandra said...

forgot to say, i don't see the b stanwick look

Janie said...

Haha...I Love mannequins...I don't have any right now (had some children once) but have dress forms I dress up..form outside it looks like people!! haha...Some of the mannequins today are beautiful.

Love the cat...

Janie said...

I don't see Barbara either...more like Veronica Lake..maybe its the hair.

Jill said... two kind of give me goosebumps. They'd be great in a horror movie. What an interesting hobby though. That cat is gorgeous!

Picturit said...

Striking pics they are a bit creepy though

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

I love mannequins, even the creepy ones.
They have quite a social life..
at night when all's asleep.
Happy weekend, Janie!

Janie2 said...

Oh how I know they look creepy! Knew when I posted, it would freek some people out.

Barbara however, was the best to use on Halloween in the window. Dressed her as a witch. Kis enjoyed seeing her...

I do not miss the girls, they have a better life now dressing up and living with "others".

Kitchen Belleicious said...

You continue to amaze and surprise me. I would have never thought of you having manequins in your house but that is what makes you so fun. They weird me out but that is just me. The pictures of them are awesome though

Samantha said...

Mannequins and dolls freak me out..I watched far too much horror! LOL!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Well they do look a bit bizarre but I suppose they looked much better from a distance - not so close up and in your face! Yikes! I am just wondering, at nightime when they came to life (Twilight Zone episode) did they make a bunch of noise and wake you up? I just hope you don't have a clown collection. Please don't post them if you do. Thank you.

Doreen said...

I am with most, they were creepy. a very different hobby for sure. the cat is gorgeous. it is yours?