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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rain & Cactus in May

Yesterday as I was gazing out the window in between the rain and cold...
I see color in the cactus garden!
Knowing there were five buds on this cactus I quickly went on outside.
Near as I can figure these buds opened within a five hour period of time!
To me this is truly amazing.
I bought this cactus last year, the only purchased one in the garden, all others were given to us.
At that time it had ONE big flower on it.
Never did I imagine it would pop out with five buds.
Gee, must be the steroids I compulsively feed it and all my plants inside and outside.
So feeding is the key.
Yet I have a friend who does NOTHING to or for her plants and they bloom.
I am sticking to giving them a little help.
The color of the flowers are a cross between Salmon and Pink.
Not the best of photos, the rain started again and I figured that is the end of the flowers.
Our forecast is FIVE more days of rain.
Oh boy, peeking outside the window, they appear to still be intact.


texwisgirl said...

our prickly pear amaze me at how many blooms they push forth (and i do nothing but give them a spot of water every now and again if it gets really hot and dry...)

those are a beautiful color!

Esther Montgomery said...

How do we tell you are excited?


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

All the cacti in my garden are ones I've collected in my travels or got cuttings from, except for a couple which were gifted. I relocated cactus garden to my new home and I think a couple (hedgehog) did not survive the transplant. I guess it is time to go "collect" a few replacements. Those are beautiful blooms.

Jill said...


Remi said...

Beautiful picture.. :)

Giga said...

Widocznie mu deszcz odpowiadał. Jest śliczny. Pozdrawiam

Farm Girl said...

Wow that cactus is amazing. Well at least it likes the rain. Thanks for stopping by tonight, I just had to comment, This rain is driving me nuts too. I know it is nice to have beautiful weather but I do miss the sun. So glad you do too.
Those are so unique.
I love your sunflowers in your side bar by the way.

kate condit zack said...

I pictured you sitting, looking out your window to the wet world too. As always, lovely.

Henrietta said...

Hey Janie
Beautiful cactus flower, haven't seen them ever on live.
About your question from my boot; it is my hubby's old winter boots which break down last winter and I have kept them the whole winter for this purpose. I didn't poke holes because they are leather and leather do "breath" so I think extra water will evaporate (I hope).

Sandra said...

really pretty blooms. we have night blooming cactus in our pine tree and when it starts to bloom in July with have 3 months of blooms that only bloom when it gets dark. and close in the daylight. cactus are amazing plants. ours start to bloom after it rains. we need five days of rain, so send some if you can. other parts of the country are flooding with water and we are drying out like a desert here.

Janie said...

I love cactus blossoms. These are really spectacular!