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Monday, June 6, 2011


I have never worn cowboy boots in my entire life.
Gee they do look pretty cool on some feet.
Don't the pointy toes hurt after awhile?
In cowboy movies they wear their boots all day on the horse, walking,working the fields. 
I have never heard a cowboy complain.

Who knows about how boots feel on your feet?
What do your feet feel like at the end of the day?

I came across this barn with the boots hanging on a recent trip.
Every time I look at this photo I am thinking the same thing.



Stefanie said...

Cockadoodledoo, good morning from Germany. The "german" roosters say "Kikeriki".

Oakland Daily Photo said...

That's one proud looking bird. His plumage looks like an intricate tapestry.

texwisgirl said...

great shots. i've worn cowboy boots on occasion - not the really pointy-toed ones tho. and i've never worn them enough to really break them in. i've been told they're the most comfortable things once the leather conforms to your foot. i've known some folks who resole the same boots over and over again because they won't give them up...

Sandra said...

as i viewed the rooster, i was saying Hup 234 Hup 234.. love it.
the boots are beautiful and the photo is wonderful. i really really like the photo of the barn/boots. the boots look very comfy to me, because they are worn to fit the size and shape of the feet.

Stefanie said...

Where did these eggs come from? They weren't there this morning, I'm sure!

kate condit zack said...

I love my boots..they're not the full-sized version, but a "slide" version. I'd wear them everyday if the weather allowed it. Love those boots and barn!

Henrietta said...

I did use boots some point in my youth but not the same way than cowboys. I remember I felt myself pretty cool with them...but it was zillion years ago. I love the second picture, he is THE king:)

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

Ouch expresses it best. I don't know how they do it. I'm ready to pull them off and toss them shortly after I put them on. I'd rather go barefoot!
Love your pics, they're really fun!

Ms. Becky said...

Hey - I followed you over from Sinbad and I. I'm liking your photos very much. I think pointed cowboy boots are good for one
thing - killing bugs in corners. your blog is delightful.

Samantha said...

Loved the boot photo!
My boots are not pointy toed and they are fairly comfortable..but they sure can't beat flipflops ;)