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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brown Tuesday

May 13, 2011
Morro bay, California

I came across a lot to photograph while I was away on a road trip.
This Heron was standing on the side of the waters edge for the longest period.
People stop at the waters edge to eat lunch and watch life go by.
No fear from most of the critters, which I am not sure is that great.
There are Herons who spend time near my house, I never tire of seeing them.

Long billed Curlew

So that they can become dependent upon us to take care of them?
They were the biggest mammals I have seen in a long time.
I hate to report this, but people come there daily to "feed them".
I had to walk away because I was out numbered by people and squirrels.


texwisgirl said...

oh that squirrel made me laugh. just flat on his belly without a care in the world. your heron is gorgeous!!! beautiful and close! and the curlew looks like a feather-duster. so cute!!!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Those are great critter shots. I really like that country road picture in your sidebar too.

Jill said...

I love your amazing photos!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Critters in living color, even brown. We're so fascinated by wildlife that we feel compelled to coax them nearer. I have a relative who doesn't feel like she can leave her mountain home because she has to feed the wildlife! Trying to explain that "wild" includes foraging for your own food just falls on deaf ears.

Gerry said...

Great pictures! I like them a lot.

Santino said...

Nice shots of animals!!! The shorebird is a marbled godwit (a great bird).


Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Great pictures Janie:)

Sandra said...

excellent photos, all three, the detail is amazing. i can see each feather and each little furry hair

Janie2 said...

Thank you for the bird identification. I will make that correction. I can always count on you to help with the "birds".

Janie said...

Great photos of the wildlife (although I guess the ground squirrels aren't so wild). Nice captures of the curlew and heron.

shelly said...

Hey mom
Santino gave you a bad birding ID, you had it right the first time!! It is a long-billed curlew, not a godwit. Santino made a mistake, and I will make sure that he knows it. Sorry! Bird on.