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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good question!
Something I keep asking myself.

May 14th I took off on a little week away road trip.
I took a lot of photos and had great expectations of sharing them on my blog.
Today is May 29th...
I am still checking in on my followers, and read other blogs that inspire me.
Sad part is I have not commented on your blogs so you know I care.
I am going to really try and get back to blogging very soon.
Your blogs are are like my daily newspaper.
For those who blog regularly I admire your efforts.
I love seeing your photographs and hearing about your stories.
Keep them coming


Nancy said...

Life has a way of interrupting our blogging, doesn't it? :) Love your photo today.

Sandra said...

the statue is nagging at my memory bank, looks really familiar but can't remember where i saw it. something about a lady waiting for her sailor husband to come home, maybe in Savannah? sometimes blogging gets to be to much, take your time and get back in the saddle when you feel like it. bloggin is suppose to be fun, not work.

texwisgirl said...

glad to know you've been around and are doing fine. i agree with sandra above. if you need a break, take all the time you want.

Sandy's witterings said...

I've just had a wee spell of being a bit lax on the blogging front, both writing and reading. It's so easily done.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

So happy to see you back. I love your pictures. Please show more when you can but don't let blogging become a chore rather than a pleasure. Post only when you feel like it. Best to you.

Froggi Donna said...

Just don't be surprised if you have trouble posting comments to other blogs. Been a LOT of issues with Blogger recently. Best workaround has been to use Chrome to read/comment.

LOVE this photo, btw!

Janie2 said...

Sandra, the statue was in Morro Bay, California. In someones front yard. I loved it, and glad you did too. But I would be glad to go to Savannah to learn more history of statues such as this one.

Sandy, I do not see you ever being "lax" on blogging. Your blogs are a whole history lesson for me. I admire how you keep up.

Sinbad, blogging is not a chore for me. I just have so many photos to share I get overwhelmed and talk myself out of posting. I really love checking in on others too. Thanks for your support.