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Monday, April 18, 2011

Wine Country

Amazingly enough my iphone took this photo!

When I first got my iphone I never thought I would use the camera feature.
It has proved me wrong.
When I am out doing errands, or a fast photo of the grandsons, on the deck with wine, shopping, or a flower I miss without my Nikon along.

April 15th, last Friday, we had a couple over for wine and appetizers.
The zin in the photo should of been macro photoed because it was excellent!.
"Karma Zin"
Carol Shelton Winery
I live in the wine country and never heard of this winery until a wine tasting weekend tour with friends.
I have another bottle I bought, saving it for a special occasion.
"Wild Thing"
I tasted Wild Thing there on the tour and by far it exceeded all my expectations.
I will report on the wine, photograph the wine and the gathering when it happens.


texwisgirl said...

my hubby gets remarkable photos with his smartphone too! i think they've improved leaps and bounds!

and that photo makes my mouth water!!!

Sandra said...

i had no idea Iphone could take that sharp and clear photo. i want a sandwich NOW.... yummmm

From the Kitchen said...

Great photo with the iphone! "Wild Thing"? I love the name. The bread and cheese look so tasty.


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

It goes to show you should never under estimate the ability of digital cameras these days. My little point & click Canon takes just as nice photos as my Nikon DSLR least I cannot tell the difference. My wife maintains that she can tell the difference but she would be amazed at how many times I have fooled her.

Picturit said...

Wow can't believe this was taken with an iphone Nice blog you have here.

Nancy said...

I need to come and visit you someday and sample all of this. Absolutely great photo with the iPhone! :)

Farm Girl said...

I never thought I would use the camera in my phone either and I have been so surprised at the quality.
I haven't been up to Northern California in so long, I have always thought is was so beautiful. I really do enjoy your photography.
I love the picture of the sunflowers on the sidebar. Very nice.
Thank you for stopping by,
My Field of Dreams

Henrietta said...

That is iphone shot, wow it is so sharp, bright and clear:)
Blog name homesick is cause I'm always missing being at home, when I'm at work or anywhere than at home. It might be little wrong maybe the right word is homesickness but the shirt version sounds better:)

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Oh, this picture is great Janie, and suddenly I became very hungry:)
Never seen so big strawberries before either, nice:))
Thanks for your nice comment in my blog:) I appreciate it very much:)
My camera is a Canon EOS 1000D, with a 18-55mm lense. I bought it last year, and it brings so much joy to me taking pictures.
Wish you and your family a happy easter my friend.
Hugs from Berit.

Randy said...

Great shot! This looks like a dream, a very tasty one!

Becky said...

What a great lunch!

Coneflower Ranch said...

That looks yummy!! My favorite kind of munchies!

Which iPhone version do you have? It's a great pic! I have the 3G and I'm so disappointed at the quality of my images. Maybe it's time for an upgrade. :-)

Janie2 said...

I have the 4G. I was told the 3G has less clairity when taking photos. I did some comparing prior to my purchase, and found it to be true. You would LOVE the 4G with you new dog. Never thought I would use it much, and I do!