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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Kenwood, California
April 2011

On two lane highways and the back roads there are more and more shrines.
A constant reminder of how short life can be out on the road.
Not saying I love seeing them.
But after I do I think about what may of happened at that particular site.
How this accident impacted not only the deceased, also family and friends.

It should make a huge decision on how a person drives after seeing one.
For the folks that are in a hurry on a two lane and decide to pass.
Or someone that has tasted a bit too much wine then drives home.
Whatever the case try to be safe out there.

I was going to do a whole set of many I have seen lately, but felt maybe it would of been too intruding on people if they had this experience in their family.

My intentions are to tell people to drive safe, think of others.


Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Wise words Janie.
Thanks for your nice comment in my blog:)
I haven't used my camera for a few days, but tomorrow I'm going to a place near the sea, then I might take some pictures again.
Have a nice day my friend:)
Greetings from,

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

In my travels through the southwest I see a lot of shrines, and many are quite elaborate using rock, brick, cement and even a statue of the Virgin Mary. I'm sure it is a cultural thing with the Hispanic locals and a lot of work went into creating the shrine. You are right, it does make you pause and think while driving along.

magda said...

You are absolutely right!
This always happens ... very moving photo!

texwisgirl said...

There's a lot of these around our rural area as well as along the highways/freeways in Dallas. I pause at the soberness of them and the loss the families must feel, but also am mindful of the roadcrews that respect them enough to let them stay as they mow, weedeat, and pick up trash around them. :)

Janie said...

We see roadside shrines around here, too. I also wonder what happened and why, and how it might have been prevented. So sad.

SouthernSass said...

So very true. I see them on the side of the roadways and immediately think of the families that have lost loved ones.

To answer your question regarding the waterfall - I set my camera to Shutter priority and kept reducing the shutter speed until I got the shot. I think it was set 0.4 seconds. Digital Photography School is a great site and you can search there. :)

Gerry said...

Lot's of them around here too. Some of them came from accidents I read about in the News. Usually alcohol related. Very sad.

Esther Montgomery said...

Pretty heavy post.


Sandra said...

a good reminder, thanks. we live in the city and there are way to many of these in our town. hardly a road that does not have one or more.

Elettra said...

My dear I am also tired of seeing these flowers on the streets who remember the victims of accidents, I subscribe to your thoughts, please motorists drive slowly, life is sacred to lose in this way. Great post!!

Becky said...

Beautiful new profile photo, Jane. If it is not new, I am behind. On the road....saw Bryce Canyon NP today, Zion this afternoon and tomorrow. Since reading this post, I have given even more attention to the roadside shrines. All the comments are right on, but, yes, it mostly makes me more aware and more safety conscious.

Henrietta said...

I'm so with you in this matter. I think this is a problem all over. My solutions would be that they would start making cars with little less powerful engines like my car is. I have Fiat 500 retro model and when there is like Audi behind me he has to pass me even it is not safe and because of that there has been so many danger situations Cars are too big and too powerful and drivers are too stupid:)