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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tea & Chat

Teacups and f/Stops

I lined these cups up to practice and learn f/stops.
A friend suggested I line up golf balls on table, instead I used cups and saucers.
I struggle with the abstract idea of setting a camera in manual mode.
It seems very abstract, backwards, and math like.
I am currently taking my first ever photography class.

Focus and set f/stop on the 10th for example.
Which would be f/stop 10.
I chose to go for the teacup handle.
It seemed to work.
What do you think?
Practicing will be the way I can accomplish f/stops.
If you have mastered this, please share with me what helped you.


Spring has sprung, and I had my first tea party on Monday.
In the community I live in there is a Baby Boomer group currently in the  development .
Found out there are LOTS of us boomers around.
Plans, groups, interests were all generated into action .
A website for us to communicate was created.

I went to the first Tea Party in January where the hostess brought out all her old teacups and saucers that she had many years, which gave me the idea to USE mine.
 Thirty old teacups and saucers given to me long long ago by my husbands grandmother.
I never used them before, marveled at how each was different.

I had eleven women over for tea, sugar, cream, chat and lots of delicious things to eat with our tea. It turned out better than I anticipated.

The real question is why have things if you are not going to use them?
Why save things for "later"?
If something breaks, then so be it.
The sun came out, it was a lovely day for tea.


Sandra said...

we are waiting

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Will be nice to see you again:)

Giga said...

Przecież wrócisz do nas, cierpliwości. Pozdrawiam

Janie2 said...

You are so patient!

Bare bilder:
I will be visiting you soon.

(After returning to us, and patience. Yours)
Thank you Giga, you are patient too!

Lisa RedWillow said...

I love this.. The F stop is what I love . So well done and your choice. I would love to try it too :)

Sandra said...

i agree you should use what you have, my mother kept a cabinet full of "for good" and for good never happened. she died, and never used the dishes. i vote for use the beautiful things you have and enjoy them. what a great way to enjoy friends. i like the photo and yes it did work and the photo is great. i might have to try this, no golf balls or tea cups, so will have to find something to line up and practice. keep sharing what you learn, it is helping me

Light-In-A-Box said...

Janie, your photos are so good I was hoping you would be teaching us! I usually shoot in Aperture Mode (controlling the f/stops) & I go manual or use exposure compinsation if I really want full control of the lighting.
I think photography is a never ending learning experiance! :-)

Coneflower Ranch said...

I adore my teacup collection and oh, my you have quite a nice one! Definitely use them, I agree!

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

I love your teacup, and f stop Experiment. What a great idea, and much more interesting than gulf balls, I think. :)

You are right, I have so many beautiful tea cups, that were handed down to me from loved ones. I should start to use a few of them and enjoy them. There is nothing like a good cup of tea, in a beautiful cup.
Your tea parties sound wonderful. Wish I had been there.

Have a wonderful Fri, and weekend Janie.
Dianne :)

Janie2 said...

Thanks everyone! For understanding that the f/stops are difficult for some people like me!! It was not my idea to do this. I have a new friend who suggested lining up the ole golf balls, and how it worked for her to comprehend.
I really should of left all the saucers out with the cups, and took better photos to show you the collection. I just may do this...

Janie said...

We had a pre-digital Canon with manual everything. I never could get the F-stops right! Your tea cups look good, though. You must be getting it.

Henrietta said...

Beautiful tea cups but everything what is old usually are beautiful. I do use every thing what I own even the old ones and I put them even to the dishwasher.
Have a lovely weekend darling:)

Janie2 said...

Yes, thanks for the reminder that the old things are best, they last a long time, and bring joy to the eye.

Thanks for sharing that, because I did put all 20 of the cups and saucers in dishwasher after the ladies left, on mild. They came out sparkling clean!

BumbleVee said...

so much more beautiful and more interesting than plain old golf balls....even if I do love golfing....