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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I knew it would happen again.
Out of space on my blog to load of up photos.
I need to load in smaller formats and I know that.
So why don't I do what I know?
Tried to put a photo on last night and got the message.
Be patient.
Need to do some deleting, or changing of some kind.
I will be back and I hope you will too.
Meanwhile I will visit your blogs...


Giga said...

Wracaj jak najszybciej.Pozdrawiam

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

That is a "Bummer". I wonder how much space they actually give us for photos? It would be nice if they would give more space. Your photos are amazing, and you shouldn't have to delete any of them. I know it is a free service, and I am grateful, but it sure would be nice, huh!
Take care, and have a nice weekend.
Dianne :)

SouthernSass said...

I have not been blogging long enough to run into this problem yet. I do try to save mine as "medium" files in Photoshop Elements. Good luck and thanks for visiting!

Gerry said...

Here's how to buy more storage:

You can also link pictures in from somewhere else:

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

I also ran out of space. I went into my Picasa Web Album, where all my blogspot pics live, and deleted many from years ago. I also found a bunch I'd deleted from, or never put on, my blog. They stay in Picasa until we delete them there. You may already know all this, I didn't. I cleared a lot of space.
Hope this helps.

Henrietta said...

Ou dear when you learn:)
We will wait for you

Coneflower Ranch said...

Oh, my! I had no idea we had a limit here. I hadn't read anything about it in my account info. I usually resize them in picnik, I wonder if that helps?

Sandra said...

when that happened to me, i just paid 5 dollars for more space. it is really frustrating.

Esther Montgomery said...

A suggestion. Create another blog, attached to another google email address - that gives you extra storage space. Make it so the new blog is invisible to people on the internet (because you won't have anything on it!). Make yourself on your new blog a partner on your old one. When you sign on, sign in from the email address attached to the new blog but post to your regular one. In terms of photo space, you have started again. The only odd result will be that your name appears twice on your profile - but what does that matter?

Hope this work around is a useful suggestion.


P.S. I think this will work. If not, apologies - but I can't see why it wouldn't and if it doesn't you won't have lost anything but the time it takes to make a new email address, open a blog and change the settings on your old one.

Mariann Lennert said...

I'm waiting :-)
Thanks for your comment. Yes, here is cold, but spring is coming soon.
Best Regards M

Janie2 said...

Love to all of you for your comments and suggestions! I am blown away with your support. Because you all understand...

Gerry: I am aware Picassa. What I don't understand is when I click that, they have a lot of my photos!! Ones I do not want on there. Akk, another tech quest for me to do.

I took your advice. Why not purchase 20GB from Google for a year and be done with it!

You are so tech smart. I could follow half of what you said, and took easy way out by paying $5 so I could post immediately. I already have some computer issues going on here. You are sweet to go thru all of that explanation to me. Appreciated very much...

Miss Becky said...

what a gorgeous bloom. and I love the image of your orange kitty below. it's fabulous! after reading of your woes re: photo space on your blog, I'm going to take the advice offered by one commenter and go to Picasa and delete old images I don't want or need. thanks for your kind words left on my blog, and I hope you have a beautiful day!