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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cats & Iphones

Updated my old flip cell phone last week.
I had it forever, did not think I needed to upgrade.
Currently I am learning about photos from a iphone4.

My usual is a SLR Nikon D90.
I do like the features of the iPhone, and now I am hooked!
A quick photo, being online when I am out, seeing the weather.
Technology is amazing.
Apple did great on high definition quality photos for a Iphone.

However I added a paint treatment on this photo.
Pastel drawing
As I mentioned before I am not a painter.
Technology does it for me...


Ann Nichols said...

Hey... your little cat must be a not too distant relative of my little Edward!! They even open their mouths a little bit when looking up in exactly the same way!!
Great photo! Enjoy your new phone!

Henrietta said...

That is amazingly sharp photo for phone. I don't have iPhone but I have iPod the same thing I can't just call. I did take over 2 hundred Hipsmatic pictures on my vacation and just wondering what will I do with them but it so fun to use as you said:)

Ann Nichols said...

Just had to come back again to show your cat to my daughter! so cute!

magda said...

Beautiful photo !!!
Enjoy the new phone !!!

Janie2 said...

Ann: Edward is a cool cat, thanks for sharing.

I did not know you could take photos with a ipod! Thanks for that info. I will never grasp is all in this lifetime.

I wish I could comment on your photo blog. Great photos, loved hearing Helen sing!! Precious. Thank you and think about letting people post to your blog?

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Great photo Janie. Very sharp.
Thanks for your nice comment in my blog today:)
Wishing you a lovely day, and enjoy your new phone:)

Giga said...

I ładnie go podkolorowałaś. Pozdrawiam