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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Zoe the Dog

Today Zoe was walking along with her lady owner in front of my house.
This dog is definitely the "light of life" for this woman.
Brilliant blue aging cloudy eyes, loves the walk and smells of outside.
I talked to them before, but never thought of photographing dogs at that time.

Zoe wears a pony tail on top of her head!
Sometimes she has it braided.
Always with a clip, which I have never seen on a dog before, only babies.
Babies have no choice about clips, bows and hair, dogs don't either.
But for Zoe I thought it was GREAT.
I do not own a dog.

Lots of curiosity about the age of Zoe for me.
I like hearing stories of how people acquire their pets.
People adore talking about their animals.
For this woman Zoe was her only companion.
Because the white fur got my attention and trying for a photo or two,
I failed to ask more questions!

My intentions are to seek them out again, take more photos.

Check back for the quest of the dog search...


Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Zoe is a Beautiful dog, and I just know my Jesse would love her. Love the hair with the clip.:)
Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.
Dianne :)

magda said...

Zoe and your photo are beautiful !!!

Sandra said...

if you met me and ask about our dogs you would be in for a long conversation. we carry photos of our dogs in our trucks to show people. looking forward to part two

Janie2 said...

Thank you ladies,

Sandra: Yes, I am learning more about people and thier dogs. Since I moved two years ago to a place where people actually take time to care and walk their dogs, it has sparked my interest.

Giga said...

Zoe jest śliczna i te niebieskie oczy. Ja też mam pieska i towarzyszy mi nawet na moim bligu Pozdrawim

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Did you find out what breed of dog Zoe is? Or anything else about her?