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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sculpture Art

My sister and niece came to visit me over the weekend from Southern California.
Driving along hwy 12, we ended up in the town of Sonoma.

I had never been to COHN WINERY .
Passing by it many times, I am glad we made this stop today.
I found Sculpture Art!
There are four pieces which are one of a kind work of a local artist. 
"Patrick Amiot"
All the art are created using recycled materials and are inspired by Burce Cohn's
personal car collection.
Because red seems to attract me these days I am posting this one first.
The cars were supported on the ground with sturdy black poles.
However I decided to take them out to appear more whimsical.



Stefanie said...

Extraterritorial indeed!!!

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Great sculpture, I like it:)
Have a nice sunday Janie:)


Remi said...

Cool piece of art .. :)
How many nice pictures you've posted since I last visited what your blog .. :) good to get back in the blog world .. :)

Sandra said...

i want to see this in person. super shot for sure. i thought the car was levitating at first until i read your post. how awesome this is. love it

Coneflower Ranch said...

I love this! Without the pole it looks so magical!

magda said...

Very nice idea !!!
I like that !!!