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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sonoma County
Orchid Society
Santa Rosa, California

Today I went to a orchid show.
I had seen signs and advertisements for the event the past few weeks.
My main reason for going was to learn how to keep orchids alive for long periods of time so I can enjoy them.
Currently I have two orchids in my plant window, one with flowers the other looking rather grim, with all flowers that fell off. 
I tend to over water things.
The orchid above was one of 200 photos I took today!
I thought I would go, look and leave...
two hours later I am still there!
Asking questions, gathering information.

I am concluding that I am rather disappointed with many of my photos today. 
It was me wearing my contacts instead of my glasses for one!
My tripod was in the car, and I could of brought it inside.
It was part of me being overwhelmed in seeing all the different varieties, sizes,  and colors.
Then of course I got the information to attend an orchid meeting next week to see if orchids are a plant I can enjoy without worrying about its life. 
I never imagined myself being a part of a "Orchid Society".
The people in this group are very helpful and full of knowledge.

Below you will see the most impressive orchid I saw today.
For me it was very unusual.
Sure wish I had the settings right so the noise would not be so evident!

I cannot believe I came home with my third orchid for the window.
The fragrant scent, and the ease in care needs intrigued me.
It can stand the warmth of the summers here, and the cold in winter.
I was told it can live outside, but I would rather it live in my plant window.
I thought of asking someone to go along with me today.
I hardly think they would want to hang around a bunch of orchids while I take photographs, and talk to people.
There was a drawing every hour from a purchased ticket to enter.
I was thinking how neat it would be to win another.
Then I saw some of the HUGE ones they were giving away.
For once I was glad my number never came up.
Maybe someday I will be ready, maybe not.


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I was hoping to see more than just one picture of an orchid. Could you post some more? I would like to see them...even if they were shot without glasses and a tripod.

magda said...

Thank you very much for amazing photod with orchid !!!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Two? is that it?

Sandra said...

when i go to the orchid house at selby all i do is snap snap snap. i had a couple like this one you have today, the last one, last week and also one that is fun

Janie2 said...

Well now I am into orchids. I have 3 in my plant window now. One is under RX treatment. Tomorrow night I will go go a orchid meet and see what they say. I will check your site. Thanks for stopping in.

Giga said...

Piękne kwiaty. Byłam nimi oczarowana w Kew Gardens w Londynie. W domu też mam, ale tylko dwa i nie za bardzo chcą mi kwitnąć.