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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dog Food Delights

When my visitors were here from Southern California...
We went wine tasting and looking around in little shops.
I had no idea that "dog shops" cater fancy treats for dogs.

Meaning they have display cases with fancy food goodies all for canines.
The treats looked good enough to eat for people.
How would I know this not being a dog owner?

were eye catching...

These shops kept saying how they use Carob instead of Chocolate for dog food.
I did know about carob being better for pets than chocolate.


I have learned more about dogs in these past few months.
family members
and loved dearly...


Giga said...

Piesek ma śliczną mordkę. Pozdrawiam

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Those treats all better than some people treats I've seen, especially those pupcakes. Do they make treats for cats? Sinbad might like that.

Sandra said...

a most beautiful dog in your photos. i love all things animal, but dogs are my "thing" and have only lived 3 of my 66 years without one. dogs can heal, so can cats or other pets. they heal the heart within us. this is a little scary to me that they have shops with pet treats, i am thinking pets dont need these at all and it is expense i would not be willing to pay for. I am not a believer in pet treats like this. mine are ecstatic with dog bones from the store. dogs are not people no matter how much we love them.

Janie2 said...

I agree, "treats" were a bit much. Toys are ok, but clothing and accessories like that don't seem too natural to me. My aunt & uncle long ago use to have a dog they served at the dinner table, as a child I knew this was wrong. I don't think people need to cook for their pets. What happened to regular dog and cat food?All pets expect is unconditional love and care.

Krista said...

These are so cute and look really lovely. I bet Jimmy would love to have some of those. :o)

I am with Sandra though; I wouldn't buy them for my dog (or cat, given the option) because he is sooooooo happy to get a milkbone and they clean his teeth. :o) And, I'm cheeaaaaap! lol

I have no problem spending a sizable wad of money on beds for them though. They have to be comfy right?! ;o)

Linda R. said...

WOW.. Those treats look good enough for me to eat.. Hard to believe they are for dogs.. Your photos look wonderful..

Hugs, Linda

Janie2 said...

I agree, beds for pets are essential, and the sky is the limit. Thanks for your feedback.

As I said the treats looked tempting to try. But I just looked. Appreciate your comments.

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

What a beautiful dog in your photo. I love the expression on its face, and the eyes are so loving. Great capture, Jane.

Jesse is our, "Little Boy", dog. We have 4 sons who are all grown and out on their own. Just Hubby, Jesse, and I living at home. He is part of our family, and we love him to bits.

We don't spoil him with human food, other than steamed veggies, which he loves, and are not harmful to him. He gets good dog food, and healthy dog treats, which he loves. I bought him a new winter coat which you saw in my last blog. It keeps him dry, and fairly clean when out walking this time of year.It is not for show.

On his birthday we take him to the big, walk around pet store, and buy him a new toy, and a special treat. In saying that, I would not take him to one of those fancey food places. Maybe, just maybe, if we had a store like that, I would get him something special for his birthday, if it didn't cost an arm and a leg. I really don't see a need for it. It is for people who have more money than brains, I think. :) To each their own I guess.

Wonderful, blog as always, Jane.
Love the photos, and found it very interesting, as I am a pet owner, who just happens to adore my little dog. This world is a much better place because of all the wonderful animals, God Created for His, and our enjoyment.
Dianne :)