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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Xylophone

As a young boy my husband played with this Xylophone at his grandmothers house.
In the 70's when our children visited her home they went directly to the toy drawer,
  and pounded away on it making music.
A few years ago, we "acquired" this instrument into our home. 
Complete with song book and the original box.
Our two grandsons have enjoyed their time with it too.

When I was a child in elementary school we had music each day with our teacher, she played an autoharp and sang along with all the children in my classroom.
The 1950's were different.
Today music is rare in a schools.
Programs, budgets, time, rules, and regulations cut out music and arts.
I never did get an auto harp.
It seemed to be fine with me because my girlfriend got one for Christmas.
We use to play school and we always had music time together.

Early music education makes impressions.

My husband, daughter and son all played instruments in band. They grew up with a appreciation for music.
Later our kids played in college band.
 I loved watching my teacher bring out the harp, committing time for her students, and structuring the children to look forward to that time.
Although I never learned to play an instrument I always appreciated it.
Maybe this is why I keep holding on to the Xylophone?
Seems a little too nifty to discard.


Anonymous said...

How neat! And what wonderful photos!

When I was in elementary, the 5th graders got to learn guitar in music class. However, after my 4th grade year, the music teacher retired. I missed out on guitar lessons by one year.

Elly said...

Beautiful instruments. It's nice you kept them.
I always enjoyed the music lessons at school and you are right, music is very important for children.

austin said...

My earliest memories of music were Begging Tippy to play guitar for us. Each kid had a song he would play that was their personal song. Mine was All Around The Water Tank, Marlene's was The Soldiers Last Letter, I think Janelle's was You Are My Sunshine. I would pluck his guitar and he would give me instructions like " make it go teeka tonk teeka tonk" He gave me a guitar when I was about 3 and I still play it.

Karen said...

Miles and Gavin both have music at school and love it. They are trying to figure out now what instrument they want to play in the 4th grade. I am excited for band concerts :)

Becky said...

My class, too, missed the year to play instruments. The class ahead and the class behind got their flutes. I don't know what happened. I did play clarinet in middle school. In order to be a baton twirler, which was my heart's desire, you had to be a member of the band as well.

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Great post Janie. It's the same here in Norway. Music and art doesn't have priority because of lack of money. It's a shame.
Have a nice weekend.



Janie2 said...

this is so GREAT. I did not know Tip did that for you kids. I think you told me you do not read music, you play by ear. Never ever stop playing!

I would like to attend their concerts too. I was not aware they had a music program in their school. This is one of the rare ones these days.

The baton twirler, you are sooo cute. I think you gave us a demonstration. I say to you never stop twirling! Thanks for sharing that on my blog.

Bare bilder,
I was very curious about Norway and hoped you would post. Yes a crying shame for sure. How is the weather treating you?

Coneflower Ranch said...

Your post brought back the memory of going to my grandmother's house and playing with my mother's childhood toys that were kept in her fireplace woodbin closet. You are so fortunate to still have these things. I love the clarity of your photos! :-)

Remi said...

Beautiful pictures of your old music instruments .. Just magnificent. :)

Esther Montgomery said...

Music in schools is crucial. Singing, especially so.


Shelly said...

I loved that old xylophone!!! I remember racing to "the drawer" where Grams kept it and a few other really cool, retro toys.