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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monterey, California

Monterey, California
I took a whale watching trip out from the pier at the coast of Monterey.
Always wanted to return for another whale run...
 maybe someday.
The next day I went to the Monterey Aquarium.
It did not use to be expensive to visit this fabulous place..
I felt sorry for families with children, some did not go in because of cost.
Had not been there in many years, what a great afternoon for me!

The aquatic sculpture, was photographed through a glass window.
I like colored glass formations, and I loved the colors on this piece.
Coming across old photos is a good thing.


Becky said...

These must be Dale Chihuly glass sculptures, my favorite! Have you been into the Belagio lobby in Las Vegas? On the ceiling over a center seating section is the most beautiful glass flowers just like this.

Mariann Lennert said...

Very beautiful glass art!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing color!

Janie2 said...

Thanks for the information about the sculptures. I have not been to Belagio in Vegas in 9 years! Spent my 50th birthday there.

Thanks Mariann and Angela, and will be stopping by your blog soon.

Tommy Andre Nekkoy said...

amazing !

Coneflower Ranch said...

Such beautiful colors, and artistry!

Mariann Lennert said...

Hi Janie2.
The candle is running low and I'm not burned out yet :o)
Best Regards

Light-In-A-Box said...

Hello Janie, I don't know how you do it! Send me your magic recipe for great photography!
I hope your new year is wonderful so far...

Janie2 said...

Tommy, coneflower, Mariann and Michael, Thank you guys for your encouraging comments. It was nice to wake up to your feedback today.

Sandra said...

your photos are amazing, especailly this one.