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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Boy

June 2008
I was on a work research project with my daughter at a college off sight campus. It was near Lassen National Park, WAY, WAY off the beaten path.
My daughter is a biology instructor for a University.
It was there I met this little boy.
He was there with his uncle who was the caretaker of the property.
Uncle was the cook, scout, fisherman, the main man and everything else.
The boy's father was not in his life so for him being with the uncle was special and memorable.
The boys eyes drew me in to taking several photos.
Beautiful eyes with such color, and a pert smile.
I found him very photogenic and he was sweet.
His entertainment was riding himself around on the four wheeler, and a small motorcycle, finding treasures, walks to the lake, eating GREAT food his uncle cooked, fishing, outside exploring, getting dirty, all of it was exhilarating for this kid. 
It was fun for me to see him outside and doing what a city boy could not think of doing outside.
Yes, definitely an older photo for me to be posting, but always wondering where and what this kid is up to now. I know he will not forget this uncle, nor the time he had away from home.
I find it unique that we meet people in our lives for reasons never by chance.
We then loose track of them, and possibly never seeing them again.
But none of them are ever forgotten by me.


Coneflower Ranch said...

Wow, such amazing eyes!

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Beautiful portrait Janie, and I like your thoughts here. We meet people for a reason, some for only a short time, others stay for a lifetime.
Thanks for sharing this post.
Greetings from Berit.

Tommy Andre Nekkoy said...

amazing eyes of that boy !!!

SouthernSass said...

His eyes drew me in right away. I hope he is doing well - he looks like a nice boy!

Stefanie said...

Great eyes and great ears ful of good news!

Anonymous said...

was that at tracy and john's place?

Anonymous said...

How beautiful - the portrait and the post!! How lucky he is to have his uncle in his life!

Janie2 said...

Thanks everyone for such great comments. Appreciated on a cold winters day! I will be visiting all of your blogs soon here.