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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dolls for Holidays

Deanna Durbin
was a singer and actress in the 1930-s and 1940's.
She sang in many musical films, her first appearance was with Judy Garland.
I found it interesting that she withdrew from Hollywood in 1950.
Moving to a farmhouse in outskirts of Paris.
Since that time she withdrew from public life.
Deanna was married three times, her last husband died in 1999 after 48 years of marriage.
Is Deanna alive today?
Research states she was born December 4, 1921.
She is 89 years old and YES alive today.
What brings me to speak of Deanna is the doll replica of her above.
She is the one on the left.
I acquired this doll a few years ago after cleaning out a family estate.
I wonder do stars like Deanna ever even know people hold on to dolls made after them?
I bring out old dolls only at Christmas time for decoration.
As a child I adored dolls.
It is fun to see them once a year.

The doll on the right?
She is a ice skating doll pretty well preserved as Deanna next to her.
Skate girl has fluffy fur on her dress, and the original ice skates on her feet.
I do not know her official name, and hope someone out there will.

This doll was also another find in the estate.
She reminds me of a pudgy toddler with her round face.
Even with their lips starting to come off, I think they are pretty fine girls.


Becky said...

I really enjoy your eclectic subject matter blog. Makes me want to start one.

SouthernSass said...

My grandmother collected dolls and had a Shirley Temple doll that was meant for me. After she died unexpectedly, my grandfather started drinking heavily and ended up selling that sweet doll. Its funny how certain posts can bring back memories.

Beautiful doll - lucky you to have her!

Janie2 said...

I think you should start posting on your exhisting blog or start a new one. I would love to see your art additions. You are very creative. I will be watching...

Those Shirley Temple dolls were incredible. I thought I was going to find Shirley in the same estate But she was gone. I have no idea where she went, I know she should of been there. I am glad my post sparked your memory of your Shirley. Ever wonder where things end up and who has them, and are they being taken care of? I do.

Remi said...

For some great pictures ... there are some beautiful dolls ...
It is a pleasure to see these pictures ... :)

kiss and hug from your friend ..

Mariann Lennert said...

There is nothing that can bring back memories as old dolls ;)
Regards M