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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dogs in a Lot

Today I went downtown today.
I had no real agenda of the day, a few errands.
The hustle of the season. Clutter of the season is a whole other topic. Dare I post it to share and hear YOUR opinions?

 I immediately noticed four dogs with colorful handkerchiefs neatly tied around their necks, in the back of a pick up truck.

Generally big dogs scare me.
I do not know the reason for this, other than having a dog chase my ankles as I was peddling away on a bike in the country several years ago. 
Or the time I was visiting a client in country and a HUGE doberman chased my car and proceeded to jump on my car door, barking and drooling. 
 Or when I went to a clients house that had two giant dogs the size of horses in the house who jumped on me, never went outside, and insisted on being in bed with this very ill patient. Watching me, following me everywhere.
I soon learned to bring bones!

Today these dogs seemed pretty darn comfortable in the bed of their truck!
No jumping, barking, crying, just waiting...
I thought they were well behaved and loved.
I am guessing that they could of belonged to a woman with the hand made scarfs, and they didn't bark when I spoke to them.

I don't have a dog mainly because I think they are a lot of work. I wouldn't want a dog unless I was willing to do what it requires to care for them well.  One of my pet peeves is people that have dogs (big ones especially) only to tie them up outside, lock them in cages, and let them bark all day long.
What impression do you create for a dog with that kind of treatment.
The eyes on this dog were so gentle.  
Being only three feet from their faces was not bad.


Freely Living Life said...

The dogs are adorable and looked very well loved and relaxed! =0)

Hope all is well for you! {{hugs}}

Angie & Family

Summer said...

What great pictures!!! I agree with what you said about dogs being tied up or locked up. Why have them? Drives me nuts. I have to admit I am a crazy dog lady that babies her dogs like they are my children.
I have a sister who is not into dogs however and has no desire for a dog in her life. It probably has most to do with allergies. I think it's important to have both types of people in this world. I do have to say I really like it that you do take an interest in the treatment of dogs, even though you don't have them.
Great post and great pictures!!

WhatKarenSees said...

So cute. I especially love the first image. His beautiful eyes look so thoughtful and soulful. You've photographed him perfectly!

Light-In-A-Box said...

Nice post & picture Jane, With large dogs I have a bit of fear only because I tend to like all the parts of my body to remain with me... Well trained & loved dogs are much eaiser to deal with, strange ones we must be careful!

Lucy Corrander said...

Have never seen dogs with scarves.

I specially like the top picture.