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Friday, November 5, 2010

Zoo Report

Finally I am back to blogging!
My computer had some issues that I may of created.
Apple was not able to deal with it exactly, but they were supportive.
My son fixed it instantly.
I am happy to be back and grateful to my son.

Yesterday I went to the San Francisco, California Zoo.
I have mixed feelings about going to zoos to see animals.
Perhaps I need to go to Africa, or somewhere?
It had been many years since I been to a zoo.
Of course I learned a lot.
I had no idea that some of the animals are put on birth control.
I think this is honorable for all the animals there.
This zoo controls the population so they can care for the animals properly.
It is not like these animals are out in the wild for nature to take its course.
It was an unusual day in San Francisco, only 50 miles from my home.
Sunny warm skies stunning, gentle breeze, and a glorious sunset.
The Golden Gate Bridge was beautiful, I have seen it many times.
Ate dinner at the famous Cliff House overlooking the ocean.
Gorillas were my favorite of the day.
Massive bodies, gentle caring eyes, and so in tune to visitors.
What a delight.


Lisa RedWillow said...

wow.. I love your big guy at the top and all the images are outstanding. I too went to the Zoo when I was in your part of the world in San Diego and I sat and cried for awhile. Its hard to see the animals that are sick yet I know they have the best vets. Also I had had it with days of taking photos and fighting with light,and I thought only kids cry at the zoo.. :) Glad your back and with stunners.

JANE E KIRN said...

Thanks Lisa, I have not been to the San Diego zoo in many years. It is huge from what I remember. You are the first person ever to admit they cried at the zoo. But I do understand. Appreciate your sweet comments, thanks.

Remi said...

Oh how nice pictures of the gorilla and the falcon ..
I like the meerkat, di jump and bounce all over the place, with an incredible speed ..
I love your photos ...
hug from Remi. :)

Rick said...

Again, great shots Jane - I especially like the one of the gorilla - such expression !

Stephen Baird said...

great shots. love the gorilla. looks like one of my inlaws. ha!
nikonsniper steve