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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Peeking

Fall has been here all along.
Yesterday I realized that I better take a photo out my front door before the leaves fall off to the ground, and the dead of winter sets in.
When the leaves fall you can find me out in front "pushing the leaves around".
This is what a neighbor told me I was doing.
I laugh at myself with the rake, the blower, dust pan, trash can, etc.

As cold as I think it gets here, the cactus garden is still alive!
It is in front of the "poodle bushes, hockey pucks" left of the walkway.
There is a story behind those word descriptions.
Most of the blogs I read have photos of snow, frost, blizzards, leafless trees and the bitter cold all over the world. 
Looks like winter to me!
The cold months here are from December to February and some of March. 
 Last year we had 19 degrees with heavy frost.
Found myself out covering plants with sheets and towels!
 I am not complaining, summer will come.
I will survive and continue to feel grateful I have a home.


kate condit zack said...

love it Jane...colors of Fall

Dan Bishop said...

Nice shot - I like the poodle bushes.

SouthernSass said...

You have a beautiful view out your front door - love the colors!

Thank you for all of your kind comments - they truly mean so much to me!

JANE E KIRN said...

Kate: Thank you sweet one. What are you cooking lately?

Danny: the poodle bushes came from my daughters boyfriend. I think it is a great name. Trimming like this was popular back in the 80's. Personally, I love them like this. I was thinking of putting solar lights on them for holidays.

SouthernSass: If you look right above the cactus in pot with thorn ends in my yard, then across the street, you will see 3 Palm like plants that are white. Below that is a big pond where ducks and geese hang out. I love it.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Neat time you are out rearranging the leaves, get those out of the cactus garden while you are at it. Just be careful and don't blow the desert sand away.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Love this photo .
Oh I think of your winter and mine.. well I had to laugh and hope you laugh with me. We get to 40 below here and I still go out. Not far but I do.
If there is no winter I can go for a short walk.
I was in Calif. last winter in shorts. I did see a lady with gloves . I laughed at her and she at me. San Diego and I fell in love with that city.

Lisa RedWillow said...

sorry for the typo . Im mean wind.

JANE E KIRN said...

Lisa: 40 below zero?!!!!!!!!!! OH MY, that is funny. I live 700 miles north of San Diego. San Diego today is rather busy, but back in the 60's it was charming. Everything changes, we all know that. But yes, it has the palm trees, the ocean and usually nice warm temperatures year round. The coldest it gets where I live is 20-25 degrees with a good frost. It has snowed before, but it is only for a day, and nothing really sticks. To me this is C O L D. Yep, we can sure laugh about it.

Becky said...

California does have seasons!

Karen said...

What a lovely, lovely view out your front door!!! This will be fun to look at in a month when all the leaves and color are gone. It will tide you over until Spring returns. HaHa

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

What a pretty view. Your yard looks beautiful, with the poodle bushes, and those red leaves on the trees. I can't imagaine having temperatures of 19 in the winter months. I live in Ontario Canada, and in the winter it gets pretty cold.
We are having some nice mild Autumn temperatures this week where it has been hovering around 45-50 degrees, and no snow here yet. We will soon be getting the colder weather and snow, but that is okay as we are use to it.:)

I enjoyed looking through some of your photos and loved what I saw. You have a Beautiful blog and I am happy to become a follower.

Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing yourself, and leaving a comment. It is nice to meet you.

Do have a lovely weekend.
Dianne :)

Remi said...

Very nice picture, with so many nice fall colors.. :)

shelly said...

hockey pucks and poodle bushes!

Anonymous said...

don't you live in a lovely place. Thinking of you! Glo (p.s. I need to create a name)

Lucy Corrander said...

Looks as if a lot of work goes on out there!

'Pushing leaves around' is one of the most enjoyable things a human can do. Bonfires are another.