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Monday, October 18, 2010

Chico Weekend

A visit with Santino in Chico, California over the weekend.
He is my daughters loving cat.
I am going to post more photos of this trip with Sonny.
To be continued...

This is my daughter.
She teaches biology and birds are her passion.
A fun day outside with her on a hunt.
Her first garden this year and I was blown away with how well it was doing.
Now I know where to go for tomatoes.

Santino's people sure know how to grow tomatoes!

Luscious as they look, and nothing like them in stores anywhere.
However of course Santino doesn't eat them.
If he did he claims it could "sour his stomach".

Giant lenses know as "glass" is helpful when you are a serious bird watcher!
This man came complete with knee pads.

Some people want to be taller and will do what they need to do.

Then again you have the wise ones waiting for you to come home.
It was a great weekend, and I have too many photos to post.


Elly said...

Oh, he is a beauty with one tooth.
Very nice picture.
I like your blog. Your pictures are very colorfull.
Gr. Elly

Shelly said...

I love this photo of Santino! It captures his spunk perfectly. Keep 'em coming!

Leovi said...

That pretty, seems to be angry

SouthernSass said...

That is a great photo - it made me laugh! Gotta love that one tooth sticking out!

JANE E KIRN said...

Thanks everyone, yes Sonny is a conversation piece with his face and his tooth. Leovi he looks angry, but not the case at all. He is happy, playful and needed a home. His tooth poses no problem to his physical self, he eats fine. The vet said to leave the tooth.

Karen said...

What a great shot. Love the expression and the tooth.

Anonymous said...

it looks like he is on the prowl for a feather toy! Attack!

JANE E KIRN said...

Santino's expressive face and tooth are unique I agree. Anonymous, yes Sonny does play with feathers. He has a corner full of toys. His favorite is to sit in window and bird watch, like his people do for a living...

Anonymous said...

Nice additions to the post!

Lisa said...

wow.. Love the look .