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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Road Trip

Below are some photos I took in November 2006.
Some of them were on a road trip to Monterey, California.
It was a whale watching boat trip out at sea.
None of my whale photos were very good due to the rough seas.
I had a different camera at that time.
But I did get to see whales, and it was exciting.

In the near future my hope is to be more current with my photographs.
I keep coming up with ones from the past to post.
Remember if you see posterized photos from me,
this means I had to make art out of them due to the photo.


SouthernSass said...

These are all great photos! I would love to go whale watching - but the waters would have to be calm or it would not be pretty! :)

JANE E KIRN said...

Oh yes. There were people on the boat not doing well. One was a 14 year old boy. I guess when people get sea sick (never the case for me), they want to lay down inside. To me that would make it worse. Being outside with fresh air is the ticket. Drinking a lot of water, breathing. But maybe I have no idea. There were a few people very green and sick. You should try patches if you want to go out on the waters. They do work. Thanks for your comment.

Remi said...

Very nice pictures ...
This is art .. :)