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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bodega Bay - School House

Bodega Bay

School House where "The Birds" was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock1963
It was a forty mile trip over to Bodega It was a forty mile trip over to Bodega Bay on the coast of Northern California. on the coast of Northern California.
I love to stop by here on the way over, and have photographed this many times.


Began filming in 1961 by Alfred Hitchcock
It took three years to finish this movie.
The school is a private residence currently, and cannot be entered.
However many tourists stop to admire this location.
In the past the house served as a bed and breakfast inn.
"Birds" debuted as Hitchcock's first horror/fantasy film.
It has come to be known as a precursor to modern horror movies and marks the first time cinematic animals acted in an organized attack on humans.

Today was  B E A U T I F U L  weather at the coast.
No wind, excellent sunshine, a very relaxing drive.
The house is now painted white with green trim, not open to the public.
I could easily vision children running with birds flying overheads.
Screams of the children sure added the drama.

There were a couple other visitors there to take photographs too.
One man had the original photo on his cell phone.
His goal was to capture current ones to compare the differences.
I thought this was a cleaver idea.

Ate lunch at "The Tides Restaurant" 
A table for two overlooking the water out big bay windows.
Seals, birds, fishermen, people in kayaks were enjoying the day.

Saint Teresa Avila Cathloic Chruch
Oldest Church in Sonoma County, California
Dedicated June 2, 1861
Still holds services and weddings currently

Alfred Hitchcock
Born:  August 13, 1899
Died: April 29, 1980


Tommy Andre Nekkoy said...

Well seen, and well done - I like all the birds in this picture - They really make the picture

JANE E KIRN said...

Thanks Tommy, this is a whacky post for me. Tired several times to make the photos and the text work out. I am letting it go. There is always another day and another post, right? Appreciate your comment. That photo with THE BIRDS was not mine you know. It was from the movie. I have thought of trying to put birds on MY photo however. Appreciated, and thanks for stopping by.

Karen said...

Great post. Brings back memories. I was scared of birds for a long time after that movie!

Karen said...

Love St. Teresa's church. Would of been married there if they had a center aisle! I wanted to put fake birds in my veil....

JANE E KIRN said...

Hey that would be unique! Love it. Between THE BIRDS and PSYCHO! I was afraid of the shower after that one...