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Friday, October 1, 2010


In late summer early fall there is the  P U M P K I N.
Appearing like gourds or squash.
With the seeds that are great toasted in the oven.
I have considered pumpkins to be a vegetable, but they are fruit.
It is not quite fall season here in Northern California.
Fifty miles north of the San Francisco Bay Bridge in the wine country.
Our area off Hwy 12 is called "Valley of the Moon".
I like that description of this beautiful area.
There is the beginning hint of yellow, and reddish leaves on plants and trees.
But not that crisp cold air which comes along with it.
However driving around I see many pumpkin patches.
I love going to the patches with corn mazes.
Because I get lost.
 Children with their parents and families are out selecting that perfect one.
They pull wagons to collect pumpkins, and kids want the biggest ones!
The best part for me is finding "Sunflowers" to photograph.
Usually they are pretty well done in but I am hopeful each year.
Halloween is more popular now than ever.
Costumes, parties, bobbing for apples, trick or treating.
The amazing part is seeing parents more into it with their kids, in costumes.

Is fall upon you?
Do you carve pumpkins each year?
Do you have a costume planned?
Tell me about it...


kate condit zack said...

love the colors of my favorite time of year..those big old punkins'!

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Beautiful colors Jane:)


Freely Living Life said...

Fall is certainly upon us here in Canada. The most colorful time of the year. We love it!
We DO carve pumpkins each year! It's so much fun and baking the seeds is such a treat! Yum!
Costumes aren't planned yet but soon! Very soon! The kids are already excited for Trick or Treat! =0)


Lucy said...

Every year, about this time, the North American blogs start filling up with pumpkins. I never tire of seeing them however often they appear - but this is a specially good photo because of the variety of colours and the way they are set.


Lisa said...

You know I just love your images Jane.
I love the composition and the colours in this one!

SouthernSass said...

Fall is finally upon us - at least this week. We do carve a pumpkin each year - my little guy gets to choose a pattern and it can be quite challenging for me, but it is a lot of fun.

jeannette said...

I love pumkin soup, pumpkin pie, and everything else one can make from pumpkin, but I am still too Dutch to have a costume this month. Like to see yours though:):)