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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Safari West
Santa Rosa, California
May 2006

This is one of my older photos where I saw a perfect place for a heart.
Used this particular photo for greeting cards.
This is a great park to go on the off roads for a tour of the animals.
I remember as we road by the giraffe's some came over and hung their heads inside the rover.
However this mother giraffe recently gave birth to the little one.
They locked necks and I squeezed the camera.
I always wanted to go on a safari in Africa, but I do not think this is going to happen.
However visiting this park is the next best thing, because I can pretend to be in Africa.
There is incredible lodging, a restaurant with great food they cook outside.
I spent my birthday there overnight, and always wanted to return.
Staying in the lodge is fun because during the evening and night you hear wild sounds.
I recommend checking this place out if you can't make it to Africa.


Berit's fotoblogg. said...

Nice shot Jane. LOve the heart.
Have a nice day.


Lisa RedWillow said...

Sounds like you had so much fun.
This is an outstanding photo. Love it.

maggieisfiercefamineuncontrolledbeatchwholovesswedishyoungprostituteinthekarelianlakeílitlanorðurhlutabæjarins said...

interesting ))) i like it