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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Park Play

June 2009
Summer last year with my grandsons at the park.
They were chasing, going up, down, and over and beyond.
Big brother whispers in little brothers ear the plan of attack.
Who would chase who next, then they got me into the game.
Fourteen months ago and they have grown so much.
Will be posting some current photos of them soon.
Very unique brothers who get along, and enjoy each others company.
I love spending time with them in whatever they do. 


Berit's fotoblogg. said...

Such a sweet picture of two beautiful boys, your grandsons.

Have a nice day:)


kate condit zack said...

Your boys are so sweet Jane. You have captured such a wonderful, innocent time in their lives. Reminds me of my "little" boys years ago

Angela said...

I love this photo!! Their expressions, the color,'s just beautiful.

Becky said...

"It's okay, they won't know you did it 'cuz I won't tell on you."