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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hopland, California

July 2009
 Real Goods Store
Hopland, California
Took my two grandsons up to Hopland for lunch and to wander around the beautiful grounds of this unique store.
There are stunning gardens, three ponds, complete with bull frogs, and lily pads. 
Old rusty cars with big trees growing up from under them.
A quaint setting that intrigues people from all over.
In the store they sell practical things from toys, housewares, clothing, books, bedding, cards, dishes, ovens, fireplaces, etc.
Their main goal is to teach people how to live green.
Solar living, straw built homes, water, lights, etc.
There are little water ways, sand, and a tunnel for kids to play.
The boys brought little cars and motorcycles to play in the water and sand. It was simple and they love it each time we go.
We brought our lunch. There are picnic tables to sit down, and watch the fish that swim in the big pond.

There is an actual tree house, but they ask that the public not use it.
Why they even have a huge working garden with people who stay on the property to care for it and learn new things about "the green life".
We need to go back, it has been a whole year!

Where do you like to go on outings with your children or pets?
Share your experiences and places with me.


Joe's blog said...

what a wonderful photo...very expressional, emotional, wonderful colors, detail......I love it!

Joe's blog said...

Thank you SO much. Makes me very happy that you like it. I'm working on Jimi Hendrix at the moment, I want to upload him today. He's been waiting so long for his colors.

Berit's fotoblogg. said...

Looke like you had a wonderful day with your grandsons.
Lovely picture.

Have a nice day.

JANE E KIRN said...

Joe, I checked out Jimi and your minatures. Great stuff. I adore your creations.

Joe's blog said...

Thank you!
It was really hard work to find the right color for his skin. First time he was too pale, next time too dark...I had to repaint it about five times and now I'm happy that he's done and you like him.
He was wonderful and It's a pity that I was born too late...I would give everything for a time-machine to see him live on stage. He was one of the greatest musicians and, like all the others who died that early, very sensitive and a thinking person...
I'm extremely proud and happy that I succeeded painting him. He's always on my mind when I'm on stage. At one of my gigs I wore a shirt with "In memory of Jimi" on it.