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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cats or Dogs

Daniel was my daughters cat.
I have posted him on my blog before but wanted to share another point of view of old Dan.  I like his eyes and white soft fur.
My daughter likes the breed of a Persian cat.
I think it has something to do with the face and temperament for her.
Since he died, she adopted Sonny another Persian cat.
Sonny has his own blog!
I like cats a lot. Dogs too but cats to me seem more simple.
If people have dogs and they take the huge responsibility in walking them, paying attention to their needs, because they required companionship.
I do not like hearing about dogs stuck in a backyard all day or in a house.
Anyways, I felt like honoring Daniel again.

Tell me about your pet, do you prefer cats or dogs?


Scott said...

That is one of the more beautiful cats I've seen. Those orange eyes are captivating. I really am more of a dog type person, though I've had cats in my life. It has been a long time. I also find that I'm allergic to some cats.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Very pretty cat. Im a cat person too. Love dogs but do love my cats.
This one is so very striking . Love the photo fo him.

Colleen said...

The biggest reason why I prefer cats is because they can basically take care of themselves. I don't have the energy to take of a dog, even a small one. Just trying to bring it outside in the winter here is enough to make me shudder. lol Beautiful photo of the cat! :)

JANE E KIRN said...

Scott, Lisa and Colleen, thank you for the kind comments about Daniel the cat. Yes, cats are definitely easier to care for I agree. Dogs are so very popular now, I see all kinds of people walking the dog. I like dogs, but not ones that are aggressive. I don't know why I feel that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on pets.

Light-In-A-Box said...

Daniel is a handsome kitty!
I'm a cat person but if I had more property other than my little yard then I'd probably have a dog or two!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I like cats, especially the one you have a photo of in your sidebar. >^..^<