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Friday, August 20, 2010


Yeah well I am known as Sinbad.
Adopted 9 years ago from a rescue center.
They have made me a house cat, and I am better for it.
I am not as social as most cats, some may think I am stuck up.
Labeled as a ONE person cat.
Sleeping is what I do best.
My best sleeping area is on the dining room chair.
I enjoy bird, squirrel, deer out a big window.
No I do not hunt.  Don't wanna learn.  Too messy.
My teeth are flossed and I throw up sometimes.
 Pretty pampered and loving it.
Fetching paper is a favorite past time.
I enjoy road trips, and considered odd because I travel.
When are we leaving?


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

MEOW! My vote for the best post of this blog! >^..^< Sinbad

Lisa said...

Jane I love your images!
I love that when I look at them they seem like they come to life and they are sitting in front of me.

May I ask what camera you are using and your lenses?


JANE E KIRN said...

I am glad you are pleased. Thanks. MeOW...

Appreciate your support! Nice to get your comments. I use a Nikon D90 SLR Digital. Lenses: 18-135 mm, 105 Micro Nikkor (1:2:8) and a 70-300 mm VR (vibration reduction) lens. They are all Nikons. Thank you and thanks for viewing my blog.