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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Daniel was another cat that I loved photographing.
He was an indoor cat who lived in Chico, Ca.
Dan did wander in the backyard for short periods of time.
I use to follow him around hoping he would sit in the sun and smile.
Often times he reminded me of a street sweeper,
with his long beautiful white fur.
Some people think Persians require more care than most cats.
All Dan ever wanted was a good home.
My daughter loved her cat and gave him the best of everything.
He lived a long life, and passed away this past year.

None of us will ever forget Daniel.


Colleen said...

What a beautiful cat! I'm sorry to hear that he's gone now. He looks like he was a very loveable cat. :) By the way, my cat weighs 25lbs. I think if I shaved him, he might lose at least 10lbs, but I couldn't bear to do that to him! And I'm sure he'd be pretty angry! lol

kate condit zack said...

You captured Daniel in his essence! I feel like I knew Daniel..I feel sad that he's gone. Beautiful!

JANE E KIRN said...

Thank you Colleen and Kate, Ole Dan was special for sure. He was appreciated and certainly well cared for as I said. Adopted pets are grateful.

shelly said...

Ahh. . . . I loved Daniel. He was a senior (10+ years old) when I adopted him and he lived with me for 5 more years. His previous owners declawed him (yuck) and then decided that having a cat was too much work, I guess. This is why he was an indoor cat, except with supervised visits to our fenced backyard. He looked huge, but he was only about 10 pounds at his heaviest. He was such a sweetie.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Hey! What about me? How about doing a feature post with me?
>^..^< Sinbad